Quick Youtube Hacks With Claire Drumond

Claire Drumond is a product marketing leader who oversees growth for Atlassian’s flagship product Jira Software and Bitbucket. She manages Atlassian’s official guides to Agile, Git, and Continuous Delivery, which reach 10 million readers a year, along with the largest agile newsletter in the industry.

Claire is the author of numerous articles published on the Trello and Atlassian blogs, and a regular contributor to various publications on Medium including HackerNoon and Art+Marketing. She speaks at tech conferences around the world about breaking down silos and building empathy.

A product marketing leader at Atlassian who oversees all of Atlassian’s agile thought leadership efforts in support of Jira Software and Bitbucket. Built one of the most influential guides to agile, along with the largest agile newsletter in the industry

           Akshay: Claire, what are the top 3 things which have helped you to get Success?

Claire Drumond: Okay, those 3 things are:

Gif of Akshay Rajsheakaran With Claire Drumond
  1. Sports: I played a lot of sports when I was growing up and that made a lot of impact on my life in discipline and understanding how to fail and be competitive but not too competitive.
  2. Having really good people in your life: have really good people in your life, shading the people who are negative, and really investing in the people that make you better.
  3. Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously: This is something I have learned over time.

Failure is really hard for me because I am a perfectionist, but when I allow myself to fail I see it as a phrase of mind, and obviously, it is a learning experience, but it’s really hard to do.

So, I would say it is something necessary but it’s hard especially if you are really competitive. So, I don’t call it a failure, I call it a learning experience.

Akshay: Can you suggest some Hacks for Youtube?

Claire Drumond: So, the top 3 Hacks for Youtube are:

  1. Focus on the thumbnail
  2. Telling a quick story within the very first few seconds of the video 
  3. Not worry about the length of the video. If it’s really good content, people will watch it. 
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