E-Learning Industry In 2020

I know you think e-learning being intangible cannot be much effective

Note that, most of the Fortune 500 companies are also heading towards intangible products since they know the huge benefits of being an early adopter 

The e-learning Market size is set to surpass USD 325 billion by 2025 from USD 107 billion in 2015

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But, after a lot of learning and experience, I can proudly tell that e-learning is going to be a huge hit and if you adopt it soon, it can transform your life

As well, help you transform the lives of others

I request you to read this article till the end so that I can give you insights and change your perception towards e-learning

You might be good at anything like cooking, baking, teaching, business, hairstyling, communication, public speaking, photography etc

If you are just a chapter ahead than most of them, its enough congratulations!!

You can coach people online globally on it and generate high revenue

You can even double or triple your revenue by putting the same time and efforts by shifting it online

Frankly speaking, traditional education is really not a cause of fortune but shifting to self-education certainly is a fortune

I was shocked to know

Only 27% of people end up in a job related to their degree

And 52% of people hate the job they are in

But by adopting to e-learning, you can get anything you know into the market place and help people in it 

Traditional education is less effective

So, what is the solution?

YOU, my dear, YOU are the solution

You have so much inside you to start courses and impact the lives of people

If you still have a question on your mind telling, how can you? Or why will people come to you?

Answer this question of mine and you will get the answer to your question

If you want to learn photography which way would you prefer?

Learning from non-professionals who are actually practising and are good at it


Learning from university professors who are not practising it

It’s simple, you will choose the first one

Even if you are not good at something, you still can opt for knowledge reporter or knowledge broker

So, since I see you are excited to begin your new journey after knowing the importance, let me quickly guide you

Few pointers to guide you

  1. Have the ideal customer needs in your mind
  2. Learn to create an irresistible offer
  3. Extract your competence
  4. Build a systematic agenda
  5. Build marketing and sales agenda
  6. Build the application process
  7. Stress-free management either online or in-person
  8. Maximising the experience for top dollars, referrals and repeat customers
  9. Making impact without the complexity
  10. Delivering value without worry

“Learn to extract, share, impact and profit”

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Do you know, the mobile learning market is going to become a $38 billion market

Everyone wants to learn online, in their comfort zone without spending on travelling

If you just want to sell your course, you need to have

A lead magnet- where people register

A tripwire- they take action

A core product- they buy the product

Profit multiplier- where you can upsell

Everything based on the knowledge you have and learning the basics of technology

You might tell when content is available free of cost on Google, Youtube and other places

Why will people buy my course?

Let me tell you, you will never know in a thousand things there, which will work 

And people now know the value of time

So, they will prefer coming to you where you will help them providing only needed information 

If someone just knows a and b of something, you know a, b and c its sufficient, you will be able to coach them and help them

Also imagine if you give 10 people an option to get some information from a book or from a search engine, 8 or 9 will prefer search engine

Even in the midnight, you don’t have to wait for the library to open, you just need internet access and in your fingertips, you will get the answer you need

One mobile/ laptop with internet access can actually replace as many books as you want

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You might not find an expert in every area in your city but definitely, you will find them globally and learn from them directly

Frankly speaking, one mobile with internet access is more feasible than hundreds of books and also easier to carry

Today, would you like spending a year writing a book or doing a zoom call with 100 people

Obviously, you will choose the second one

Zoom allows connecting as many people as you want that too globally 

Frankly speaking, it is much easier to get 100 people from across the globe than 100 people from one city or state

Additionally, you don’t need many resources, a laptop with the internet is enough, no travel expenses nothing

You can also share your presentation, documents, allow others to speak, ask questions in the chatbox

Also, the best part you have an option to lock attendees so that they can’t leave the meeting before it ends

E-commerce is on high now

I don’t have to remind you that the internet is the biggest market place today

Globally, all organisations are looking for ways to monetize their content

It is a gold mine for corporations, non-profits, academic institutions, commercial training companies and even subject matter experts who seek to become entrepreneurs.

Mobile learning apps are much popular

Students now prefer to learn from home than sitting in coaching classes

Remember when the first Nokia mobiles were out, we were so happy to carry it anywhere and speak to anyone anywhere

Now those Nokia phones are replaced by smartphones with features that cannot be imagined back then

The same thing is going to happen here, coaching classes are going to be shifted now to online which we might not imaginable now

Interactive videos are on demand

We are in a highly visual world. Streaming platforms are as popular as search engines and video content gets millions of views and follows. Learning designers know about the captivating power of film so they have been incorporating it into the instructional content for quite some time.

Next, you have to turn your viewers into action takers. Video experience can become more interactive if-

  1. Written articles can be transcripted
  2. Questions can be embedded
  3. Allowing comments and feedback

Now talking particularly about India is already a $1.29 billion e-learning market

With half the population now under the age of 25, are most comfortable buying online courses

Because most of them know that its important to learn new information which is beyond the boring university education

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And Industrial Revolution 4.0 is changing things around, read this for better understanding


You can just boost your revenue just by sharing your knowledge and adding value in people’s life

Remember, “Early bird catches the worm”

So, right now if you take an action taker you will be an early bird and results will follow for sure

I hope this description helps you, to know more you can join my Facebook group and connect to me 

If you find this helpful don’t hesitate to share it with others 

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  1. I totally agree with this article and the point which I have liked the most was that we must make those zoom calls interactive and then it will be more beneficial.


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