It is an asset

You might have changed your phone numbers but very less probability that you would have changed your email id

Also, once someone gives you an email address, it will be in your database

You can pitch for something again and again

You can make a connection with your readers

You can ask for help

You can ask for the feedback/ review

You can get traffic

You can sell your own course

You can sell the affiliate products

Still, do you think email marketing is dead?

Let me give you some proof

Data from 2017 shows that most people are on email—85% of adult internet users in the US.

That beats out search engines by 15% and social media by 22%—not small numbers in an industry that gets excited over single-digit conversion rate improvements.

Remember- you are a guest in their mailbox

They might have seen plenty of advertisement and might be expecting the same from you, so don’t do it always

Know when to pitch

Provide value initially

Note that don’t write emails every time only to sell

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Step 1: Get permission
Step 2: Follow through great content
Step 3: Analytics and segmentation
How much is your email list worth?
Email marketing fundamentals
How to build an email list?
The content for a newsletter
Get super-high open rates
Send a superb welcome email
The 80/20 rule
How to improve delivery
Some advanced strategies
Few emails that actually generate a response

Step 1: Get permission

Don’t try to buy emails, because they might be least bothered

Try getting them to give their email themselves

You can gift them an e-book as a result get their email id

Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter

Step 2: Follow through great content

Remember to follow up to get more sales

Most sales take place after the 7th follow up

If you have a strong Call To Action and you follow up on a regular basis, you create a positive impact

If you promise to provide content weekly, do it weekly only neither daily nor monthly

Make sure, in follow up you provide some value and then have a strong Call To Action

Use autoresponder

This is the secret of marketers

They schedule all their mails well in advance

Instead of writing and spending time each week

One day they sit, write 4 emails and schedule them accordingly

Because time is their greatest asset

Step 3: Analytics and segmentation

After knowing a few details now coming to the crucial part that is segmenting the audience

Identify and segment who are your subscribed members

Who are your potential buyers

Who are your cold customers

And accordingly, send them emails

Not all emails are applicable to all

Then, understand open rates, unsubscribes and click-through rate

Because they will act as a feedback for you to improvise

And it is rightly said “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”

After that, understand

How much is your email list worth?

As mentioned earlier, your email list is your asset and fortune

It can open up more and more opportunities for you

Over time, you can start tracking how much money people on your list spend on average. This will tell you how much your list is worth.

If a list of 10,000 people usually spends $50,000 on a campaign, and you run two of those campaigns each year, you could average it out and say that each subscriber is worth $10 a year.

Doing this simple math can actually provide you with a lot of insights

Now coming to the part of how actually doing these things

Email marketing fundamentals

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Why email marketing still works?

  • You own your distribution

You know whom and what to distribute

When someone subscribes you create a personal connection with them by welcoming them

  • People want to get marketing messages in email

Not all will want to go to social media and watch ads

Because they use social media for entertainment

But coming to the mailbox they are little serious about work

It is like you sleep in your bedroom and study in your study room, to get in the right mindset

Likewise, in social media and mailbox, people’s mindset is different

  • Email converts well

The third of people that subscribe to a newsletter actually end up making a purchase

But now the question on your mind is

How to build an email list?

Optimise your page for conversions

Make sure in your page there is a pop-up or a dialogue box asking people their email id

But, make sure you don’t misuse it or just collect for fun

Please provide some value

Create compelling leads

Offer a free Bootcamp

A free e-book

A free video lecture or anything valuable to them

Optimise your blog’s homepage for sign up

Design exit intent pop-ups

But, how do you actually write

The content for a newsletter

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  • Subject line determines whether they will open your email or not

Have an amazing and curiosity filled subject line

  • Bold opening

            Start with something that’s really interesting

            You can even start with personal mini-stories

  • Valuable content

            If you want people to read all your newsletters

            Make sure they are valuable

            Once they know that you will provide value and they fall in love with

your content, none can stop them from reading your mails regularly

  • Call To Action

            After all, these have a strong Call To Action

            If you only give them value, what’s the point

            You are not a charity!

            But that doesn’t mean that you only pitch and provide no value

After these now you should ensure that they open your email

How will you do that?

Get super-high open rates

Send emails while people are awake and comparatively free,

Their mailbox is not flooded with other mails else your mail with getting buried somewhere

You will get to know that only by trial and error

There is not as such best time

It depends on your audience

If they are students, you can have an ideal time

If they are entrepreneurs, a different ideal time 

Send a superb welcome email

Each one likes a warm welcome

Even in parties, you expect a warm welcome

It is from here that you will build strong relationships with them   

Always follow this

The 80/20 rule   

Provide value 80% of the times

Pitch only 20% of the times

After all these, comes the question

Are you able to deliver them well? What was on your mind


How to improve email delivery?    

Firstly, make your list clean

That is, delete unengaging subscribers

It does hurt a little

Because we would have earned them the hard way

But, trust me after this your open rates will level up

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Keep spam complaints low

It is easy, keep it easy to unsubscribe

If you make someone search a lot about an unsubscribing option, instead they will opt for the easy way, they will mark spam

All want easy stuff


Use short subject lines

People like when it is short and crisp

Now since you have come till here

As a bonus, let me tell you

Some advanced strategies

  • Try text email layouts
  • Keep things personal, people like it they might be bugged up of professional ones
  • One CTA per email, it shows your genuineness
  • Use 15px+ font, it increases readability

It feels like I want to reveal all the secrets to you today itself

So, here comes 

Few emails that actually generate a response

  • The introductory email

The mail where you introduce yourself

Never sell anything in this email

  • The hard sell email

These may increase unsubscriptions

Because you straight to the point try to sell

But these will increase your open rates!

  • The soft sell email

Here, you make your cold audience a hot one

It is easy to pitch to a hot audience

Initially, you interact, provide value and then sell

  • The social media email

You can communicate with people directly on social media

  • The blog post email

It shows your intent to give value and not just to sell

It also shows you are a subject matter expert

  • The in the area email

Before scheduling a meeting with someone

It is a good gesture to drop an email beforehand and get their confirmation

  • The name drop email

It increases your network

After you increase your network, you will increase business opportunities for yourself

  • The ask for advice email

Frankly, everyone likes to give free advice

Ask for advice and you will get tons of reply

  • The free help email

This is another way

  • The meet my friend email

Introduce someone

  • I think we met email

If you met somewhere long ago, write to them


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Email writing depends on your audience

These were some tips to guide you

You need to involve in trying and testing in a couple of things to understand better

You need to find out one thing

That one thing that will help you crazily

You need to be in hunt of it

Above mentioned were ideal and tested things

Which might work wonders for you or might need slight modification

Hope you found this post valuable

Do share it with others

Do create a strong email list for yourself and get amazing results for yourself

Thank you

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