Why India is one of the greatest countries in the world? 

Today I’m going to share a few facts you didn’t hear about the 7th largest country in the world from vibrant colour to delightful nature, landscapes to mouth-watering cuisine and what, not India has it all so, let’s quickly get into it.

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You might have India for varied culture, colours and for its food!

But, this is not all there is a lot more

Read till the end, I’ll surely tell you a lot of things you weren’t aware of

While Americans are on the brink of making their country “great” once again, Indians are already convinced that India is the greatest country in the world. 

A poll conducted by YouGov in October reveals which nations of the world think highly of themselves. No surprises that India comes only second to the United States with 41 per cent people pretty convinced that they live in the “best country” in the world. 

Due to the peninsular location of India, our country mostly faces an average kind of tropical weather conditions throughout the whole year. 

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Which means; 

1) The summers are extremely hot. 

2) The winters are medium cold. 

3) The rainfall amount is above average. 

But, the northern mountain regions and the coastal areas of our country, have different types of weather conditions throughout the whole year thus making India one of the best moderate climates in the world. 

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In the present age, we see that the whole of humanity is in disharmony owing to religious differences. This means that the present-day religious theologies and practices have outlived their spiritual efficacy to bring about peace and spiritual evolution to humanity. 

It is for India to take up a leadership role in the spiritual renewal of humanity. Although it may be unconvincing to many, the reality is that India is the mother of spirituality, the inheritor of an ancient most spiritual culture. 

Mark Twain (1835-1910) wrote that India is the “Land of religions, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, grandmother of legend, great grandmother of tradition… India had the start of the whole world at the beginning of things…’ 

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) the famous American Philosopher said that ‘The Hindus are the most serenely and thoughtfully religious than the Hebrews. 

They have perhaps a purer, more independent and impersonal knowledge of God. Their religious books describe the first inquisitive and contemplative access to God… 

The calmness and gentleness with which the Hindoo philosophers approach and discourse on forbidden themes is admirable’. 

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PM Narendra Modi

During PM Narendra Modi’s recent US visit, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that he had visited a temple in India during the initial days of Facebook on the advice of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, according to an Economic Times report. 

The Jobs was talking about is Kainchi Dham Ashram in Nainital, Uttarakhand. He himself had visited the temple during the 1970s. 

Zuckerberg arrived in Pantnagar, about 65 km from Nainital, and drove to Neem Karoli baba’s ashram. 

Jobs is said to have got the vision for creating Apple after he visited the Kainchi Dham ashram. 

“He (Jobs) told me that in order to reconnect with what I believed as the mission of the company I should visit this temple that he had gone to in India, early on in his evolution of thinking about what he wanted Apple and his vision of the future to be,” Zuckerberg told Modi at a town hall meeting. 

“So I went and I travelled for almost a month, and seeing people, seeing how people connected, and having the opportunity to feel how much better the world could be if everyone has a strong ability to connect reinforced for me the importance of what we were doing and that is something I’ve always remembered over the last 10 years as we’ve built Facebook.” 

The Indian farmer is a living idol of India, they are the most hardworking farmers around the world & always working hard for their crops, during day and night. 

It would not be wrong to say that ‘Indian farmers’ are the backbone of the economy and the farmers are indeed the beloved children of Mother India. 

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India is called the land of farmers, as most of the people of the country are directly or indirectly involved in the agriculture sector. 

India has a diverse culture, with approximately 22 major languages and 720 homeland languages spoken in India. 

People from all main religions like Hindu, Christian, Islam and Sikh live here. People here are engaged in various occupations, but agriculture is the main occupation. 

India, known as the home of spices, boasts a long history of trading with the ancient civilisations of Rome and China. Today, Indian spices are the most sought-after globally, given their exquisite aroma, texture, taste and medicinal value. India has the largest domestic market for spices in the world. 

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is slotted to become the third-largest global economy by 2030, meaning your business endeavour will be a fruitful one.

However India’s cost of living is very cheaper as compared to countries like the USA and Japan, so here are four differences between living and working in the USA vs. India. 

1. Cost of living in the USA vs.India. 

Renting a one-room apartment in a city centre in India will cost you around $200, while in the USA prices land around $1000. 

This is a huge difference and applies across the board whether you’re talking groceries, utilities, or entertainment. The same goes for salary; being able to earn a similar salary in India as in the USA translates to a high standard of living in India. 

If you are a skilled professional, it’s possible to earn between $4,000 – $5,000 per month which is great considering how much you’ll save on living costs. 

In the USA, on the other hand, you can make between $6,000 – $7,000 as a skilled professional – which isn’t significantly high enough to guarantee good savings due to the higher cost of living in the States. 

2. Electricity use in the USA vs. India. 

This seems like an odd topic, but electricity has long been a must-have in the USA as opposed to the commodity it is in India. 

The average Indian uses around 96% less electricity than the average American and this isn’t necessarily by choice. Power cuts are a common occurrence even in some of the larger Indian cities when the government is trying to conserve energy. 

For many Americans, it can be a big shock to have to become accustomed to going without electricity for a couple of hours every day. The possibility of power shortages in India is something you should definitely keep in mind as you prepare to move abroad. 

3. Going back to school in the USA vs.India. 

Let’s say you move to India and you decide it might be beneficial to pursue an MBA or some other advanced degree. There are quite a few things to consider when doing this. No doubt, higher education is much cheaper in India. 

You can get an advanced education at a good private university for around $15,000 per year. In the USA, you’d be lucky if you only paid $15,000 per semester at a state school – generally, you’ll end up dumping around $50,000 per year into your education. 

However, having a degree from an American university can do you more good in the long run simply because degrees from the USA are globally held in higher regard than those from India. You’ll just need to choose between paying a lot for a more ‘valuable’ degree, or paying less for the same education but having a degree considered of lesser value. 

4. Running a household in the USA vs. India. 

We’ve already covered the cost of living, so let’s take this a step further and look at hiring domestic help. Labour is extremely cheap in India which means that most middle-class families can afford to hire a maid and at times a driver. 

This is a pretty foreign concept in the USA as the cost of labour is higher and the average citizen would not be able to hire someone to clean their home or cook for them. 

In India, you can hire a live-in cook and maid for around $200 per month while in the USA you’ll end up paying this per week just to have a maid come in a couple of times to clean only. 

Having this benefit in India could definitely make life easier for you as you can hone your focus on growing your business as opposed to spending time on household upkeep. 

Global corporations and private equity firms view India as a booming market as it remains the only large country with significant population growth and underserved consumers 

India has a big advantage because of its wage arbitrage. In Germany, the cost of a factory worker per hour is thirty times the cost in India. Even cobots or robots cost about $4 per hour. In India, the average factory worker gets paid less than $2 per hour. 

It’s an area that you can capitalize on for growing manufacturing. 

Now, since you have come till here

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Let me tell you some other facts too

  • Bollywood’s highest-grossing film made 27x more than Hollywood’s highest-grossing film, for every 600 films Hollywood makes, Indian cinema makes 1000 films with the same budget and is more profitable.
  • Shampoo was invented in 16th-century INDIA. Herbs and natural [gooseberries, fruits pulp and soap nuts] ingredients were used then, compared to today’s chemical and fragrance shampoos. Back then during the colonization western traders carried the tradition of shampooing to their lands.
  • Diamonds were first mined in INDIA and it was the world’s greatest producer [ Kohinoor for example], it was the biggest producer until diamonds were found in parts of Brazil, Africa in the late 18th century, now there are 3 active diamond mines in INDIA.
  • Elephants in Kerala can treat themselves for a spa day. It has massage, spa and pampers activities for elephants, it’s the friendly atmosphere created for them as elephants plan a vital role in Kerala temples perspective, and are a significant feature of the state, so they require a little pampering now and then
  • The largest religious gathering can be seen from space cool, isn’t it? Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgrimage where many devotees gather at banks of Ganges every 12 years once. The ever recorded is 75 million making it the largest gathering ever on Earth.
  • An ancient civilization is the oldest civilization in the world, we often look at ancient Egypt and Greece but INDIAN civilization dates back to 2400 B.C known as Mahajanapadas. The oldest human remains estimated to be 30000 years old and oldest texts found is about 2000-2500 B.C it was the first text on science, medicine and astrology.
  • India is home to every major religion in the world and doesn’t have a national language [ HINDI is used as an official language and English as a secondary language]. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Sikkim, Jainism with being the most dominating Hinduism and Islam covering almost 80% of the population. Almost 1652 dialects are spoken across the different regions of the country.
  • A polling station is set up for just one voter in Gir forest at every election, he is the only resident there, he’s been voting since 2004. He takes care of a temple in that forest in Gujarat.
  • The Indian govt has used scaffolding to hide the Taj Mahal when airstrikes are predicted. During world war II they didn’t want the other military forces to drop the bombs on Taj Mahal. The recent threat includes the rise of the Yamuna river which has cracked the dooms underneath the structures [ there are many predictions that the dooms can collapse at any time] and pollution at its surroundings.
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One of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal
  • Indian invented navigation, yoga, the world’s cheapest and affordable car, thorium-based nuclear power. India played a major role in the invention, back to 6000 years ago they invented navigation through rivers and seas and yoga was developed over 5000 years ago and has roots to Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • India is the home for the next generation thorium-based power reactor, the country is planning to produce 30% of its electricity through this by 2050.
  • You can stay at the former royal residence for $88000 per night, forget Paris, Dubai ….. India is the home for most luxurious palaces in the world. Some palaces date back to the 100’s of years.
  • King Jai Singh of Alwar snubbed Rolls Royce in the best possible way, India has a rich history of powerful kings and great queens. King of Alwar was once insulted by a Rolls Royce salesman when he visited a showroom in London, a very proud man ordered a whole fleet of cars and gave it to the city’s waste department so that these can be used as cleaning vehicles and transport rubbish throughout the city. 
  • 10,00,000 of Indians are millionaires.
  • The first account of plastic surgery was found in an Old Sanskrit book around the 6th-century C.E it is one of the very first texts of medical scripts which discusses surgery, organ replacement, limbs amputation, nose reconstruction and so on.
  • One of India’s most extravagant weddings caused controversy because it was too extravagant, lasting 5 days and costing 74 million $ [ Gali Janardhan Reddy daughter marriage] at Bangalore palace grounds.
  • India has taught the world the art, science, medicine and led to main other improvements that any other country contributed so far since ages.
  • About 40% of Indians are vegetarians, making it the most veggie population in the world. Many Indians choose not to eat non-veg due to religious and spiritual reasons with beef and pork often ruled out of their diet, vegetarian is so influential that even KFC and McDonald’s introduced a veg menu and completely removed beef and pork from their menus.
  • India is the largest English speaking country compared to the United States of America. India has almost 880 languages but only 22 are officially recognised by the constitution. Indians add Ji, yaar, Sardar as a matter of respect while addressing someone in English.
  • There is no diverse India culturally and traditionally, it is also known as a subcontinent. It is the first country to extract and develop the procedure for making sugar during 350 A.D 
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  • Westerns inspired and the created colour run from the Indian festival Holi and not only this alone they borrowed many other traditions from Indian society.
  • Until 2009 90% of the computers were run on the Pentium chips, which was developed by an Indian entrepreneur and venture capitalist Vinod Dham. The father of wireless communication was also an Indian sir Jagadesh Chandra Bose to the field microwave and radio optics, earning him the title father of radio science. 
  • India has not made any war with another country in the last 5000 years, it is one of the largest suppliers of arms.
  • Jay Shetty is an Indian British Internet personality, and motivational speaker He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Today show, He spent four summers in India interning at corporations and training with a Vedic monk. Topics of his video include relationships, wellness, mental health, and purpose. Shetty was included on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe in 2017. Shetty was recognized on the National Geographic Chasing Genius Council 2017 and the Asian Media Awards 2016 Best Blog. Shetty has been featured on the BBC and has spoken to audiences at Google, Nasdaq, HSBC, and Barclays. Shetty was the recipient of awards at the 2016 ITV Asian Media Awards and the 2018 Streamy Awards.
  • Antilia is a private home in the South Mumbai district of Mumbai, India. It is the residence of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, 27-stories, 173 metres (570 feet) tall, and 400,000 square feet, and with amenities such as three helipads, a 168-car garage, a ballroom, 80-seat theatre, terrace gardens, spa, and a temple, the skyscraper-mansion is one of the world’s largest and most elaborate private homes. As of November 2014, it is valued at $2 billion, deemed to be the world’s second most valuable residential property, after British crown property Buckingham Palace, and the world’s most valuable private residence. Antilia was built in consultation with US architecture firms Perkins and Will & Hirsch Bedner Associates, with the Australian-based construction company Leighton Contractors initially taking charge of its construction. The construction was completed by B.E.Billimoria & Company Ltd.

Hope you got a lot of value and enjoyed reading it

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