10 Things That I Learned From Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain, here comes the inspirational journey of a man born in a poor background in India to now recognized as among the Top 50 Philanthropists in the world.

Who Is Naveen Jain?

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Naveen Jain was once an aspiring young man from a poor background in India who arrived in USA with big dreams but only with $5 in pocket. 

He is a serial philanthropist, an admired entrepreneur, a phenomenal team builder, and the founder of some of the most innovative companies like Viome, InfoSpace, dot com bubble, and Moon express.  

In his company Viome, the whole goal is to imagine living in a world where being sick is truly a matter of choice. 

There have been few men in the history of humanity who care about impacting people’s lives through his ideas and actually did it. 

He is a bright example of ‘Strive for greatness’.

His early life

Naveen Jain’s life is a rag to riches story.

After graduating from IIT Roorkee when he first came to United States, he only had $5 in pocket and barely knew the language. But his undeniable dedication to solve big problems and improve people’s life and years of hard work gradually gave him the recognition and success he deserved.

At the early stage of his career, he started working in Microsoft, but then left it and founded his own company Infospace.

This company grew very fast and Naveen Jain’s network became $8 billion for it. 

Naveen Jain become a top icon and inspiration in the world

He believed that people who helped him become the person he is needed help. And one of the worst feelings he can have is when he can’t pay back to them.

He has ensured that history would be made and repeated as he moved on from the role of an entrepreneur to a philanthropist. His contribution to people’s lives has been nothing short of inconceivable brilliance. 

What inspires Naveen Jain to build seven innovative companies 

He didn’t stop after InfoSpace. He constantly focuses on what and how he can change billions of people’s lives for good.

He is a man on a mission. His never dying curiosity, drive to solve the world’s biggest problems and more over his dream to push humanity forward didn’t let him stop. 

So Naveen founded companies like Intelius, Moon Express, Bluedot, and Viome. 

“When you tell somebody what you’re doing and they don’t think it is a crazy idea,

then you are thinking too small” 

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Challenges and risks

His childhood was full of challenges. Things started getting better in the USA.

But Naveen is a risk-taker when it comes to his dreams. He left Microsoft and started his new startup InfoSpace. 

From the very beginning, Naveen’s entrepreneurial journey was a rollercoaster. Many times he had to face lots of difficulties but he didn’t surrender in front of the obstacles.

Life lessons

There’s never been a time in human history where we are living in this decade of amazing innovation. 

The good thing is that in the next 10 to 15 years, half of the Fortune 500 companies are going to go bankrupt. 

That means there is room for each one of us to create a massive, massive enterprise. So if you want to create a billion-dollar company, you have to solve a $10 billion problem. 

He believes in abundance. He believes there are opportunities for all of us. And when we can create an abundance of land, we can create an abundance of energy and we can create an abundance of everything that we value. 

He was a man born and grew up in a poor family and arrived in the USA with nothing. If he can dream so big and land on the moon, he believes everyone can.

These are the valuable lessons learned from Naveen Jain.


Naveen Jain has been the recipient of many honours for his entrepreneurial successes. 

  • Naveen Jain has been awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young.
  • Presented with the “Top 20 Entrepreneurs” & “Lifetime Achievement Award” for leadership by Red Herring.
  • Honoured with the “Most Creative Person” by Fast Company
  • Awarded the “Medal of Honour” by Ellis Island
  • Recognized as “Top 50 Philanthropists” by Town & Country Magazine
  • Naveen Jain is the author of the award-winning book ‘Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance’.

Top 10 Rules

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Naveen believes that even if you’re the richest man in the world, you can only do small well before you run out of money, the only way you can do a large good is to actually create a profitable venture. 

If you care enough to solve the problem, then build a business that actually solves the problem. And if you make it profitable enough, you can go out and expand that and take it to billions of people around the world.

1. Getting up early –  

Every person who has ever made a difference in humanity has always gotten up early. Because in the morning hours, there is a lot of scientific evidence, when the first sunrise comes, the amount of the brain is aligned with the light.

2. Dream big – 

Dream so big that people think you’re crazy. 

Start to visualise the world that you want to create. Always know the word vision comes from visualisation. 

And it’s not because you have to be philanthropic. It is because if you can find a way to help a billion people live a better life, you can create a 100 billion-dollar company. So you never focus on creating a large company, you stay focused on helping a billion people improve their lives and improve the way they live their life. 

3. Never be afraid to fail  –

Take away the fear of failure. If you take away the fear of failure, and you give people the power to dream, amazing things can happen. 

4. Solve big problem –

Solve big problems with the best and the brightest from around the world. 

When you take on bigger goals, it becomes easier, not harder. When you take on bigger goals, the smartest people join you, because smart people don’t want to do small things. And when the smartest people join you, they will help you figure out how to get to those bigger goals. And so it’s counterintuitive. The bigger your goal, the easier it is not the other way around.

5. Profit generation –

Profit is the oil, the engine of your company. 

If you can’t make profit, how can you possibly impact the lives of billions of people?

6. Question to ask yourself –

If you really care about something, the day you start a company, ask yourself these questions. 

  • If I’m actually successful in doing what I’m doing, how is it going to impact a billion people? And if it’s not, why would you do that? 
  • What are you willing to die for, and then live for it? And if you can do that, you will find your calling. When you care about something deep enough, you will go out and solve the problem.
  • Why is it that you jump out of the bed every morning thinking about solving that problem? That’s what he calls obsession, that you have to be absolutely obsessed about solving that problem.

7. So what is success?

Success is not about how much money you have in the bank. Success is simply about how many lives you’ve been able to impact positively. 

The best way you will ever know that you become successful is the day you become humble. Because if you have an iota of arrogance left in you, you still try to prove something to someone or yourself. That means you’re not successful. Success comes from when you don’t have to tell somebody you know who I am. You just be yourself. 

8. Non-expert are people who change the world 

The biggest strength that we have is not being an expert at what we do. You will miserably fail because you tried to bring the knowledge of the existing paradigm into a new paradigm and you fail. 

You’re absolutely the master at it because you are naive, you are willing to challenge the foundation of everything that everybody in this industry takes for granted. So not being an expert is your biggest expertise.

Always think that is your biggest strength that you don’t know much about it. 

9. Connect with people – 

Connect with people with your heart. When you realise that you have no ego left and you can connect with people, you become successful. 

10. Execution – 

Execution is the key to success. When you are truly passionate about solving a problem, you go to bed thinking about the problem and wake up with the same. When that happens and you execute it with full obsession, magic happens. 

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