I’m damn sure you have heard about this every now and then

From supermarkets to e-commerce stores

And you always fall for the trap of it and end up buying more than expected!!

It is about the upsell

You go to a few restaurants, don’t you get tempted to buy combos?

You know why?

Firstly, it appears to be cheap, you feel you are getting good value

Truth is it is an offer!!

Well, let me tell you creating an offer is an art especially the irresistible ones

Offers are not only what you know also they are ones which are the main part of sales and other funnels


If you have a good funnel and a good offer, you don’t even need paid ads to make sales.

A great offer can make you sell anything

But the most beautiful ad and the funnel will have a hard time selling a bad offer.

Funnel building is not hard when the offer is right

I can see an increase in your excitement, Wow!!

I’m sure you remember what funnels are

If you don’t, I kindly ask you to click below and read more about it

So, stay till the end and I will certainly provide you with huge value and some mind-blowing stuff!

Get ready to witness the increase in your knowledge

So, have a glimpse at things that are going to be told to you

What is an offer?
Elements involved in an offer
How to create value for the products?
How to create irresistible offers?
How to attract new customers?

What is an offer?

An offer is nothing but where you present something to someone where they can either accept or reject your offer.

There are mainly two parties involved in this concept 

1. Buyer: the one who accepts an offer and proceeds in buying the product.

2. Seller: the one who agrees to offer a product to his customers.

In some cases, an offer can be through agreement. Agreement stands as proof and it includes the number of parties included and the dealings involved in an offer.

Next, coming to 

Elements of on offer

To create an interesting offer there are some basic elements that are to be included in an offer

1. Written words: written words may include the benefits of the product that you are offering to the customer. 

In the field of digital marketing written words can be pdfs, books and also licensing.

2. Spoken words: spoken words are very simple and also the most useful way to attract customers. 

Spoken words include audios, videos and also recordings if necessary. 

The audios and videos may also include the inner views of your customers, teachings about your own product, etc.

3.Physical products: if you have any products that are to be sold then the offer can include the picture and the other stuff about the product. 

Not everyone prefers a physical product.

4.Other stuff:  other stuff may also include phone calls or share with options. 

Suppose you are running an online coaching centre then these other elements are also required to you.

It is important to notice that an offer which includes all the above elements is always said to be effective.

Now, let me reveal to you

How to create value for products?

Sounds crazy right?

Well, it’s possible

Creating value for the product is an important requirement. You should make people feel in such a way that the amount they are spending on a product is cheaper than the value of it. 

The more the value of the product increases the less it looks cheaper.

1. Offer good quality products: the quality of the product should always be high in such a way that the amount they are spending on it seems cheaper. 

The quality of a product can increase the reputation of the business also the quality must be high when compared to all your competitors around you.

2. Providing additional expert advice to the customers: My recommendation is to start teaching your customers how to do things they want to know how to do. 

If you as an entrepreneur have competence as knowledge, skills, and experience, you can add additional value to your customers’. 

You will build extraordinary customer experience value that will increase the value they perceive related to your company.

3. Improve the way of product design and packaging: You can add more value to your products or services by improving their packaging or design. 

The beautiful design of your products or their packaging will create additional perceived value in the eyes of your customers. 

It is also said that the product packed in a different way have more value. 

Example: audio clips have more value than the physical product.

4. Improve customer service to your products: Customer service is essential when you want to add more value to your products and services. 

Many companies are using customer service as a primary source of competitive advantage in a fast-changing marketplace. 

A quality product or service is only half of encouraging customers to do business with you.

5. Creating a need: if you create a need for the product, they believe that the product is essential for survival and fits into their environment and needs. 

Once people believe our product, the probability of sharing the information with their peers is also possible.

Since you have understood a few basics, now comes the most crucial part

image shows Limited time offer

Trust me, the secrets I’m going to reveal to you, the ones for which I paid a large amount of money, research and experience to learn

So, it is nothing but

How to create irresistible offers?

Let’s start with the basics, the main purpose of a funnel is to get buyers and more sales.

You need a proper offer, persuasive copy and aesthetic design to bring out all the emotions that persuade.

Basic stuff, right?

But a lot of people don’t understand the basics and stick to it.

Create something that appeals to the emotions of the buyer, with a proper colour scheme matching the psychological pattern and complimenting the entire flow

Keep this in mind

The goal of design is not to distract, its to support the flow.

And that’s why adding elements here and there, making it look fancy, might affect your conversions.

True, when done the right way, the funnel gets on steroids( In a good sense), but it’s not common practice.

I could’ve added a ton of elements in this page, but it made no sense and only disturbed the funnel flow.

So guys, always remember the purpose behind everything.

Your offer is there for a reason, your copy is there to persuade and your design it there to support the other two, not to distract.

Some pointers to guide you

1. Make the outcome plain as day to see.

2. Create an offer that alleviates pain and satisfies a deep desire. 

3. Use social proof to make the decision easier. …

4. Make the value outweigh perceived or real cost. …

5. Centre your offer around the active seeker. …

6. Create an astonishing guarantee.

7. Induce a sense of belonging and identification in your offer.

Spot on advice, Jakub.

The offer is BY FAR the highest point of leverage and the biggest difference-maker in any promotion.

I’ve seen great offers with lousy copy & so-so traffic crush it.

And I’ve seen shitty offers with great copy and elite traffic sources bomb big time.

(BTW – I’m saying this as a copywriter. A copy will NOT fix a shitty offer)

Most people suck at offer creation because they have their own preconceived notions of what their audience needs.

They start with the product and try to connect it with the market. But A-level players? They start with the market and build a product to solve an expensive problem.

The one battle-tested way to create a bulletproof offer is to simply ask the folks you’re serving.

What are they struggling with?

How do they feel about it?

What result do they want to get?

etc etc

It’s super important to use their exact language to create the sales message.

So, the best thing to do if you’re about to create a new product is to TALK to your audience.

Pick up the phone. Take them out for a coffee. Get them a beer.

And let spill the beans.

That’s where you find true marketing gold.

Few other things to guide you

1. Try to get social proof on your ad

Run an Inner Circle Membership so any time I run ads, as the members get access to the product.

I share ad into the group and get them all to post their lovely testimonials under said ad before taking the ad ID and making it into all my other ads for cold audiences.

So even with my ad getting deleted a few times, I just shared again into my group and they would so kindly post their lovely comments again.

It helps the ad to start with a bang and get those quick conversions, so you can…

2. Get to 100 sales as quickly as possible (even if you make a loss)

Because once you do, you can create a custom audience of your buyers, and then from that create a lookalike audience who, other than your current following, will be the best converting audience. 

3. Keep adding value

Based on festival 2020 Bonus you can offer to anyone who had purchased. 

The new bonus can increase sales but important for those who bought it made them go back and revisit it, may even send lovely testimonials and they’re more likely to buy from me again because there’s the possibility of my offers getting better post-sale. 

Eg  Black Friday, Christmas or any day you want to make an offer 

summer up to 70 sale text 1051744 scaled

4. The funnel is important, but not more than the offer

One thing I learnt very early on it to make sure that you have a good offer, that people actually want, not what you think they need… that can come later. And for an ad straight to a sales page, where they don’t know, like, or trust you, the offer has to be the most killer, no brainer ever.

Don’t think “but it’s only $47” so I’ll give $47 worth of value… WRONG. you need to give $200+ worth of value (that can still be delivered passively) as that they feel (and they truly are) getting an awesome deal. 

And for this type of offer, a long-winded course, simply won’t cut it… they don’t know you. But I find offers that save time and steps do particularly well.

After know all these I know one thing is stuck on your mind

That is

How to get customers?

Am I right?

Let me tell you

  • Identify your real customers: it is easy to find the customers if you know which type of customers you are seeking to. If you don’t know then you probably not know where to start.

Have a crystal clear picture in your head of exactly who you’re targeting

  • Finding where your customers live: once you target your customers, identify the places where they are likely to be found so that it will be easy to distribute or offering the product. 

It is always important to notice that there should be no competitors in order to safeguard your business.

  • Know your business environment: its always necessary to understand our environment and know the knowledge about our product and services and being able to attract our customers. 

When you know them backwards and forwards, the people will be interested in your offerings and then seen your assistance. 

  •  Offers discounts and deals: the offers which you give should always include good discounts. Discounts indirectly satisfy the customer. 
image represents 50 percent sale on clothes

A large number of people target only on the products that have discounts in order to save money. It is a way to attract more customers to your business.

  • Have your own website: once you have your own website you can create a large number of people. 

Your website also gives you your own identity which gives you specific uniqueness. If you own an individual website you can have your own rules and issues which don’t give you dependancy. 

  • Use social media: social media is the best way to go viral. There are many situations where people were popularised with the help of social media. 

Once you have your own plans try to publish them in media so as to people notices and able to follow you. 

If you succeed in creating a nerve hitting or no brainer offer

Something that no one can refuse

Enough, it can change your life, as it had changed many others’ too

This is the point where you need pure great offer copywriting. You need to research their needs and how you can help them. Then you use their pain points to create an offer.

Copywriting is 80% research and 20% writing. Hit me up privately if you need some help.

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