How Rahul Bhatnagar Impacted My Life

Here comes the journey of Rahul Bhatnagar who has been featured on Josh talk, TEDx talk, Forbes, Your story, award-winning entrepreneur, MTV Fame, featured on various magazines and a proud mentor 

That is not all

He holds a record of delivering 50 speeches on 50 consecutive days

But, do you think the journey was easy?

Let me tell you- not at all but it was definitely worth it

He once had just Rs. 500 in his pocket for one month

He sold his metro cards and helmet for his survival

To now earning crores by empowering and mentoring people

Here comes his journey,

Journey of Rahul Bhatnagar

His early days

Born in the Indian city of Dehradun, Rahul was the most silent kid in his school sitting in corner of every class and always went unnoticed. 

He spent his childhood with his grandparents, he had a step-grandmother and never received the love, affection, care or even the desired pocket money

His parents were government employees, additionally, on weekends his dad used to work with a network marketing company to make sure his family gets comfort

He always tells his work ethics are a reason for getting inspired by his dad

A short period of happiness

Gradually, he completed his graduation and went to Pune to pursue his MBA

In Pune, he became a part of the direct selling industry and was conducting sessions and came a time where he started earning Rs. 50,000 a day at the age of 23

He purchased a costly car and repaid his education loan

He realized that he is not meant for a job and was meant to fly high in life

He rejected all the placements on his way

Start of his turmoil

Soon after that, the company where he was working collapsed and left him in a debt of 20 lakh rupees

Gathering all the hopes, for the next one year he tried few businesses, joined another direct business but nothing worked

Then finally he took a call, that he was no more working for anyone and decided to start his own venture, this is when his entrepreneurial journey started

His company start making discount cards, tied up with few brands and assumed that this thing will get him good revenue

But ironically, nothing like that happened

Because the day he decided to start selling, on the same day the biggest selling newspaper of that city also launched their own discount cards

Their cards were more feasible and their collaboration was with the top brands like Puma, Nike

There was no competition between the two

But still, Rahul and his team continued and started making cards for free

Two years passed by but money never came

And the main reason was that no one guided them, no business experience, no family support

Additionally, on that parental pressure to do something which increased when Rahul Bhatnagar involved his younger brother Saurabh Bhatnagar in the same business

Then came the grandparental pressure, how and when will you start earning?

The going was really tough

At that particular point in time, a person who previously was earning Rs. 50,000 per day was surviving on Rs 500 per month

But a strong will and burning desire to change things was persistent

Then he decided to host the biggest event of his city Dehradun and decided to invite celebrities

He took loan for the same, started business invited few celebrities

That one event did change things for him but for the worse

That one event left him in debt of ten lakh rupees

Nothing could have been worse, he was in the fourth year of his journey

His called up his friends and asked for money and others

Somehow repaid it with a great difficulty

Most devastating times

His relationship with his team members became all-time low

And then few of his friends’ parents visited his home and told something which literally hit him hard

They told Rahul’s mom- “aunty, even if any beggar visits our home either we give him money or just send them away but never waste their time, but here our children’s time has just been wasted”

His plight was unimaginable, he went into a stage of depression started gaining weight

Then, Saurabh Bhatnagar, his younger brother came to survive him, supported him a lot emotionally and motivated him

That one thing made with cry with tears of joy and realized that he had his brother Saurabh Bhatnagar and family with him

He then yelled these lines which made him really strong- “Yes, I shall face challenges but I am  strong enough to overcome them all and win”

And yes, he did win

Good things start happening when you are stubborn and don’t give up

He started investing upon himself, working on his physique, started hitting the gym, having good food

Borrowed money from his younger brother to invest in himself, changed his appearance

Then he went and gave MTV auditions, got selected for a reality show, got featured on the biggest youth channel which gave him the energy and capacity for work more

He now works for 18 hours a day at times

Further decided to do something marvelous and he did

“Delivered 50 speeches in 50 consecutive days”

Then he became a part of the biggest motivational team – Tony Robbin’s team

His company made software, gained profit and start reinvesting that money

His company now generates a revenue of more than 7 crore rupees annually

Then he started a venture COMMUNICATION MASTERY- the most comprehensive mentorship program on this planet

Because he realized that people don’t have mentors to guide them and that program has literally added value in the lives of thousands of people

He then relocated to Goa, to ensure that he can cut his traveling time, stay close to nature and avoid disturbances

These are the learning what I learned while interning with him

Work ethics, nothing can beat it

He says- Products can be copied, ideas and services also can be copied but you and your work ethics can never be copied

Being humble and grounded- no matter what heights you reach be humble- I was shocked when on the day first day of my internship, he himself served me the food

Taking care of team members as a family member giving unconditional love and treat everyone equally

Being a shameless self-promoter – he says if we cannot talk about our work confidently, it just means we are not confident about ourselves or our products

Grabbing more eyeballs by providing value to others- because more people know you, more opportunities you get

The best product never wins, best-marketed product wins

To spend like a beggar and invest like a king- to live a life like minimalist

Not to give up in spite of dying situations

To make money as a by-product in the process of empowering people

To provide value much more than the price

Always to over-deliver

Communication skills play a vital role in your way to success

To use social media to our benefit he says- “Social media is like a knife, if it is in the hands of a doctor it saves a life, if it is in hands of a thief, it takes away life”

It depends on us, how wisely we use it

To monetize our passion

Consistency beats perfection

Importance of self-branding

Importance of self-education

Leadership skills

His memory power is just amazing when asked he says it is a result of his love towards his mentees and other people

His energy is altogether at the next level, may it be mid-night or early morning

He has conducted webinars which have last for more than 6 hours but the energy never went down

The kindness and gratitude he expresses towards everyone is very appreciable- no matter how busy or tired he is, he will never deny you for a photograph

Nothing can be more important than work

To work on the scalable business model

To do Whatever It Takes to become successful

To put efforts relentlessly and to wait for results patiently

He himself works for more than 15 hours a day, even while interning under him I have worked until 4 A.M. or beyond

This again reminds us

All successful people work for more than 15 or 16 hours a day

No greatness is achieved without pushing ourselves beyond our limits and only worrying about time

And the best part is he does not only preach but implements for himself and also provides strategies to people

Apart from that, he has conducted Enrichment Begins Within the event which created many success stories

Also, he conducted Sales and Leadership masterclass where I was fortunate enough to be a team member

And in May 2020, he is going to conduct India’s biggest transformational event which will have 5000 attendees and many people are going to experience a transformation

He always tells there is no point in living a mediocre life, even an animal who comes on this planet manages to survive, but as a human, it’s our duty to make the best of our life.

Rahul Bhatnagar quotes- “I’d like to be remembered as a passionate individual who won defying the odds”

Finally, one quote which keeps his going all the time

“Standing at the bottom, looking at the sky, how can you win a battle when you don’t even try”- J.M. Storm

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  1. This is outstanding
    Rahul sir is the Role model true inspiration and Best mentor in the world. Thank you so much akshay for sharing this truely amazing

  2. Amazing thank so much Akshay
    For sharing your inspirational journey with Rahul sir he is our role model our hero and mentor .

  3. Really, inspirational…,
    Thanks , for hustling a lot for a better skill set & generation.
    Your struggles will be life changing ???? for millions in coming future.

  4. Awesome bro…. great ….you wrote his all journey. In one blog …..
    I’m also proudly Said that I’m also mentoring by rahul Bhatnagar sir …..

  5. Yes Rahul sir is like god gifted for all of us that we all got a very good mentor in our life. We have to learn so many things from Rahul sir.Thankyou Akshay for sharing all the stories.

  6. Great ????, super scripted.
    Proud to be a part of his program.
    Really his story is an inspiration to all.
    His work ethics, dedication, mindfulness, sharp memory, to be grounded and many more things makes his separate and great from others.
    Thanks for writing on Rahul Bhatnagar.

  7. This is impressive the way you wrote about Rahul sir’s life is really inspiring after reading this I feel proud in myself that I am part if the communication mastery and choose him as a mentor. Thanks for writing this amazing article.


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