Women Empowerment

Many women have the ambition to become entrepreneurs and do something for the society and for themselves

But what is stopping them?

Apart from common problems like capital and hiring good staff, women entrepreneurs face other challenges like bridging the gender gap in this male-dominated society, family responsibility, fear of what people will think and low confidence levels

But there are women from whom we can take inspiration

They have set a benchmark

Each successful women has her approach towards this topic, so one of the easiest perception

Let me relate it in a simple way to the life of each woman 

What empowers you and me?

The educated class? 

Do you think we are empowered? 

Do you think our educated women are empowered?

Indeed most of us are

Partly empowered


Where does partly empowerment begin? 

It begins from our birth

Not birthplace but parents

As per my daughter is concerned, you will not decide which school she will go- should be the words of a father, here the empowerment begins

Father says to family members NO, you may deprive me of anything but the life of my daughters will be different

So, its a question of parents, the attitude of both mother and father

When a daughter is born, she has to be valued and respected

Never once should they tell- wish they had a son

Daughters should be groomed as an equal person in this society

“No deprivation of any facility which could have been even with a boy”

So this is an empowerment 

If a father tells- after all, they are girls, let me send them to a nearby school and save money

This would have been disempowering

Then coming to money

What disempowers an educated woman?

She offers to have a joint bank account

She is earning, she has got the salary and the first thing she does is to her mother in law or husband and handover saying this is my salary

So from the first month, she disempowers herself economically

I see many women after marriage in a conflict, what do I do? Should I give to my mother in law, husband or keep it to myself 

I feel in guilty for such women 

That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t contribute to the home

She can even contribute 50% or 100%

But nobody has to tell her to do it

It’s her home she’ll do it

Because she loves to do it, but don’t make her do it because she is a woman

She will not get disempowered

So financial disempowerment happens because women do not have confidence from the education they get

Our education doesn’t make them courageous and teach them to question certain outdated practices

They are afraid of what will happen?

They are afraid all the time

Other women whom all should look upon are Miss World finalists

Let us see the questions asked to them in the final round and the way they answered them

Is protest a positive way to create change? 

I believe in a cause, I believe in creating change and I do believe in raising our voices

We need to be heard and some of these protests are really powerful and they make a positive impact but I do not believe in violence because violence is always gonna create violence

I really believe what we should do is come together, raise our voices and make an impact in the best possible way ever through the platforms like miss universe, TED talks that’s why I’m here, and I really believe that that’s what you should do

What is more important to you, Privacy or security?

That’s a tough question 

I believe that every country has its own government policy to keep us safe and I believe that it should not cause an aline of going into privacy because we have our right to privacy

But security is also very important so I believe that in order to live in a better society we should have the government look into aline, a middle ground as to where they can come and live together with society

What do you believe is the most important issue in women’s health?

I think the most important thing is that women are not able to choose regarding their own body

We have to have the option of quality care

So any decision we make about their body, their health, about their reproduction will ever put us in risk especially our lives

Should social media platforms respect free speech, or regulate what people post?

I believe that social media can be a positive aspect in our lives, we can share information, knowledge

However, it can be used in the wrong hands and spread negativity and harm many people

So I believe that social media should identify people who are spreading such negativity and create critics of esteem on other people to make sure that they are not abusing the system such as social media

Are leaders of today doing enough to protect against climate change?

I think future leaders could do a little bit more

But however, I feel like we as individuals can also play a part in making the climate the way it should be in the future

We have children protesting for climate and I feel like we adults should join as well, cooperations should join as well, the government should take it seriously

I mean from 6th grade I have been learning that climate is deteriorating and the planet is dying and it is up to us to keep our planet safe

“Confidence is your best accessory, there is nothing else you need. The only thing you need to wear well is your confidence”

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Women entrepreneurship

Some women had a burning desire and achieved something significant, which can inspire us

Gina Rinehart

She is the chairman of Hancock Prospecting Group, a mining company which, to put things to perspective, produces 30 million tonnes of iron ore per year

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar completed her schooling from Bishop Cotton Girl’s High School, Bangalore. Later she attended Bangalore’s Mount Carmel College where she studies biology and zoology. She is the MD and Chairperson of Biocon Ltd., a Bangalore based biopharmaceutical company. 

Vandana Luthra 

Vandana started the wellness and beauty giant VLCC back in 1989 when her daughter was just a toddler. She was initially a homemaker who refused to stay in the shackles of domestic life. Her determination and diligence led her to be awarded the Padma Shri in the year 2013. She was later identified by Fortune India as the 33rdmost powerful Indian female entrepreneur.

Priya Paul 

Bachelor in Economics which she completed from USA’s Wellesley College. At 51 years of age, she can be considered as an inspiration for women in India who want to carve a path of their own. Priyal Paul is the Chairperson of Park Hotels and was awarded the Padma Shri award by the Indian Government back in the year 2012.

Ways of becoming the best version of yourself

There is only ONE YOU– that is your superpower

Your values, beliefs, and flaws

Believe everything in your will

Be fearless

Make choices

Let your dreams fly, give them wings. Be who you want to be, recognize and grab all the opportunity

You have never arrived enough to explore new opportunities

There is nothing wrong in wanting everything

As long as you are not doing anything wrong don’t be scared 

Be greedy for your ambition

Be hungry, don’t live on someone else’s benchmarks

Don’t let anyone or any situation dictate you who you are or who you should be

I know its easier said than done but fight for your dreams, no one else will except YOU

Don’t compromise or settle on your dreams

One thing is certain as night and day that you will fail and there is nothing you can do to stop that

Its what you after will define where you go

The only way to come out of failure is to move ahead, not ignore it

Analyze and learn from it

“Fail fail fail and fail again but rise up strong”

“Our limitations are mostly set by our own self”

We fail to recognize our potential

If these women could defy all the odds and do something significant

Why can’t you?

Women are biologically strongest, also can handle larger stress levels compared to men

It is the duty of every male in a family to uplift and support all the female members of the family

So, kindly share this article with all the pretty women you know and inspire them to do something significant 

I got inspired by Kiran Bedi and Priyanka Chopra to write this article

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