About Akshay Rajsheakaran

Proof for a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Akshay had never been satisfied unless he had empowered Millions of individuals.

Would you like to lend your hands to help him in this mission?

Are you unsure if you can help him, well then read this carefully

image of Akshay Rajsheakaran
Akshay Rajsheakaran

Who is Akshay Rajsheakaran?

A person who used to be considered as silly to now mentoring so many of them

Early Childhood

Born in an ordinary family in an ordinary house and worse than an ordinary kid. He was initially considered as Dumb, also assigned many other adjectives like an introvert, shy, timid and weak.

He was a mischievous fellow born to the wrong mother who is quiet, calm, intellect and a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya, one of the most reputed institutions in India, the same place where Akshay happened to do his schooling, poor mother always had to lend her patient ear to all the ill-spoken about her son by other teachers, just like Edison’s mother had done, because she was sure that one day her son will shine.

Then adolescence hit him so hard that it was a nightmare for teachers to handle the class with him.

Then he made his appearance to class 10 and was devoted to books for a short period, to be a miniature of his mom.

Then finally one night he received a call from his teacher that results were announced and his guess has come true.

Early College Days

He joined Vidya Jyothi College, Kolar and always wanted to do Fabulous, but he was denied access there by a batch called FTB(Fast Track Batch) stating that he can’t cope up with the speed.

He thought that he was not worth enough for his life.

He was afraid of what other people will think if he tried something new.

He then got a breakthrough for a while when he succeeded a little in the cryptocurrency market but eventually ended up losing more than $10,000

He felt it was pure money gamble and he cant earn his living by this process and then realized the importance of knowledge, wisdom, and mentors

Then finally in complete ambiguity not knowing further what to do, ended up in Engineering as most of his friends recommended.

The turning point in life

image of Akshay Rajkaran with rito
Image with Rito
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With Benet M. Marcos
Image of Kulwant Nagi
image of akshay with digital Pratik
With Digital Pratik
image of akshay rajsekaran with avi arya
With Avi Arya
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With Rahul Bhatnagar

But he was firmly determined for getting into the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. His prayers were answered and he procured a seat in REVA University For B.Tech[C.S], with folded hands he expresses his gratitude to this fantastic institution.

He came to Bangalore with less than $20 in his pocket.
“ The seeds of Entrepreneurship were planted here.”

He now developed a tough skin to fight all the obstacles on his way

And gained an “I can do anything attitude”

But his mom insisted him to get into a secure Government job or a good private job, but he knew he was not meant for JOB( Just Obey your Boss).

He liked solving problems, building things that can be valuable to many people in the world. He grew up obsessed with the internet and that is the core reason he helps people with online businesses.

Since he had already failed once in the crypto market and realized a lot of his mistakes, he improvised himself by learning from proven mentors and has been behind many big 7 figure launches and is well known in the crypto world and was amongst the youngest dominating the Leaderboard with a massive team of personally built 3000+ people.

Right now he is not in the crypto world

This allows him to cut his learning curve by avoiding mistakes, and this also helps Akshay to guide others to avoid mistakes as well.

When asked what motivated him he said-” My motivation is a combination of a lot of things. It’s people. It’s helping people. It’s helping people get into the real world”

Akshay figured out health, wealth, relationships are the massive problems people have.

His main goal is to simplify. He says the modern world is too advanced for anyone.

Most precious times 

He spent his past 4 years building a business and failed at it numerous times, learned valuable things from mentors and importance of mentors across the globe, books, courses, attended 150+ events varying from workshops to international conferences, a student who attended maximum events among all in his college. He now has learned from successful people- ”What It Takes to be Successful”

Through the years he has mastered both in art and science of psychology, personal development, the importance of a mentor, how businesses work online, the potential of the internet, creating a community, how consulting businesses work, retaining clients and scaling

He always wanted to find a way to be productive. Then he found some inspiration. He tells that- “Success is actually a short race-a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over”. There is plenty of money to go around so that everyone can find the wealth they want.

He is basically an engineer turned Mentor, worked along with top 1% digital icons of the region who have made millions of dollars as revenues.

He has delivered talks at various forums and events in India and started everything from being an introvert to become an extrovert after joining the Reva University in Bangalore, one of the top leading  University in India

I gave a speech at IIM-B and met CEO-Nestle India, CEO- Akshay Patra and asked them how can he and other ordinary people contribute to change the world.

He shared the stage with Chancellor of Reva University, who has been featured in Forbes and lit the lamp.

He attended the highest number of events in his college as well as outside the college.

He met Venkaiah Naidu – Honorable Vice President of India, interacted with him, thanks to Chancellor of Reva university who allowed me to ask him about the vision about what our Honourable Prime minister of India Narendra Modi wanted to do. He said -” India- teacher world-Vaishnava guru- teacher of the world”

He also had a mind-blowing opportunity to work as an intern to Mr.Rahul Bhatnagar for 2 months, he was amongst the 6 people selected out of 500+ applications and was in a group of people from IIT, VIT and meet multiple Millionaires, was in an atmosphere where more than 4 Millionaires were there and he was working from 9 A.M to 2 A.M, he wanted to sniff and know how successful people live.

Now, the biggest problem- How to start a business without any VC funding, he started and he can teach how you can start by sharing the knowledge that you have the right group of people, the right clients, how to make money as well at the same time. It’s about living a great life. It’s about helping others make a lot of money. It’s about helping others live a good life. I don’t know about you guys, but I sure can’t wait to see what’s in store for Akshay Rajshekaran!

He aims to break through the formal college pattern which is incomplete and aims to help people started with their online business.

His main goal is to simplify. The modern world is too advanced for anyone. 

You can’t Google experience. It’s very easy to learn and master anything. But the only thing is that you have to be guided in the right direction and mentored by the right person.

Ideas are cheap, execution is priceless.

Now it is your turn to see how much success you can earn and help others as well.

image of Akshay Rajkaran with rito
image of akshay rajsekaran with avi arya
image of akshay rajsekaran with rahul bhatnagar
image of akshay with digital Pratik
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