ClickFunnels Platinum review: Brutal Truth About it

It is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to become a millionaire on ANY OTHER PLATFORM  fast enough (name them: Thrive Themes, Kartra, Convertri, BuilderAll, and so many more today)

 Fastest, best way

You need to follow Russell to a tee (use ClickFunnels Platinum Netflix of the internet marketing to learn how ) and for the love of life 2020: use ClickFunnels and only ClickFunnels to go nuts winning.

What if I tell you that you can get even more features and exciting stuff in ClickFunnels Platinum

That is ClickFunnels is refocussing itself

If you have tried ClickFunnels and their different software options, at times they are difficult to use

So, read till the end I’ll explain to you about ClickFunnels Platinum

Then, to opt for it or not is entirely in your hands

My duty is to give you the right information to the best of my knowledge

But quickly before that let me tell you the features

Instead of overwhelming you with a huge list of bonuses that you will never use, they have created a no-fluff offer that is specifically designed to help you succeed with ClickFunnels

  • Funnel University
  • Funnel Agency Secrets
  • Funnel Hackathon
  • 10X Secrets
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Youtube Traffic Secrets
  • John Reese’s Outsource Force
  • Course Secrets
  • Offer Mind
  • Jay Abraham- The Anthology
  • The Warrior’s Way Doctrine

So, basically

what is ClickFunnels Platinum?

ClickFunnels Platinum is basically a rebranding of the existing ClickFunnels Etison suite plan which is priced at $297 per month.

So if you are an existing Etison Suite member, you will automatically be put on the ClickFunnels Platinum plan and enjoy the same unlimited funnels and visitors you had before.

As mentioned above, you will also retain access to Actionetics and Backpack. Although the Actionetics name is no more and is being rebranded as Followup Funnels.

Practice using CF on the free plan ( but in that 1-2 weeks practice like crazy!!!! Keep in touch with support towards the end of the week, explain what you are doing).

There are 3 skills to master and “merge” that comes with practice:

-> how to use ClickFunnels to do things

-> how to market including copy, funnels, offers, hook, etc.

-> how to use a channel and master it like FB ADS

IT’S MUCH EASIER THAN TONY ROBBINS AT AGE 23 selling “be happy” he made $1million every year for 7 years; now he makes a billion. Its a hard sell, selling “be happy”! You’re selling “make money with proof!” Easier!


The point is IF, and I repeat: IF you use ClickFunnels Platinum, then it’s the fastest way to a million dollars. 

->> Yes, you have to PUT IN INVESTMENT into your farm to reap the harvest when the time comes and just like ANY FARMER: its hard work, fun work, and there is LAG TIME. 

image of clickfunnels platimum

 ClickFunnels Platinum also includes 3 exciting new benefits:

  • Daily Virtual Hackathons
  • Funnel Flix
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum

Let me also brief you what these terms mean

Daily Virtual Hackathons- this training help you to build funnels

I know its exciting to build your own funnel and launch it in the market

The experts will teach you to build funnels step by step 

You will be taught Webinar funnels, Lead funnels, Challenge funnels and many more

Funnel flix- it is just like Netflix with a ClickFunnels twist

There are various training videos about business and entrepreneurship

You can access Funnel Flix via, though it is available on your ClickFunnel’s dashboard. 

Not everyone has access to all the training videos in Funnel Flix, but everyone with a ClickFunnels account has access to some of the training videos. 

The Funnel Hacker Forum- it is a place where all the paying members of ClickFunnels come together to discuss ideas, doubts, queries and topics 

It has an Official ClickFunnels Facebook group which is rapidly increasing with group members with over 200,000 members, in those 95,000  are paying ClickFunnels members

Then they decided that should be a separate group for paying members and hence Funnel Hacker Forum took place, its found on the dashboard of Funnel Flix website

Different discussions take place here on various topics, it is very helpful to those who engage in the forum

So the best part is you will surround yourself with like-minded individuals

“Your network is your net worth”

What is productive workaround?

The good news – we know there’s a method to evaluate and JUDGE statements. This is reason and logic [with subsets being math and science].

The bad news: using reason is NEVER automatic. It takes EFFORT.

Humans do not want to put in that effort.

Effort takes up energy and only the most committed will put in the effort [usually the few that got “As” or straight “As” at school – you know these types – everyone does from their childhood, high school and further. 

THESE ARE THE HIGHEST EARNERS IN SOCIETY – with the exception of a class of entrepreneurs [including sports, CF digital marketers] who earn far more and employ the A-grade types to ‘do the work of work’ in a corporation. More about this in the bonus below.

But the good news – there is a known method Its “reason and logic”. It must be learned. 

It is NEVER instinctive. IN FACT MOST OF THE CONCLUSIONS IN REASON “GO TOTALLY AGAINST INTUITION ” !!!!! For example, the earth is not flat; the sun does not revolve and rise around you/us; and so forth.

If you are still in dilemma whether to opt or not

Let me tell you if

Is it worth buying?

Well, if you ask my opinion a 100% YES

Because of the massive amounts of training and connection you get that you can’t get any other way.


Clickfunnels Platinum – $697/month (Birthday discount below)

3 img

Clickfunnels are launching a whole new tier, just like the $97/month plan & $297/month plan, the ladder is going away.

So there will be two plans. The usual $97/mo plan and the new Platinum plan available for $297/mo.

If you are currently a $297/month plan user you will automatically be upgraded to the new Platinum tier without any additional cost.

If you are a $97/month plan user you can upgrade to the Platinum tier for a discounted price of $297/month at

What you will get inside the Platinum tier:

  • Clickfunnels Unlimited ($297/mo value)
  • Follow Up Funnels Unlimited ($297/mo value)
  • New Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon (Only $25k members
  • New Funnel Hacker Forum (Priceless)
  • New FunnelFlix membership (INSANE VALUE)

You may hire top coaches of the world, but you will never be able to get the content, value provided in ClickFunnels Platinum plan

Russell Brunson and entire ClickFunnels team has just one goal- to help grow their companies and business using sales funnels

Here’s a summary of the courses Russell announced we have access to as of right now as Platinum users:

Get started – 2 Comma club winners explain how to get started

Affiliate Bootcamp – Get started with affiliate marketing from scratch

Tony Robbins – Personal development, his collection of all the best.

Ad Skills From Justin Brooke – Licensed and bought from Justin.

Money Mindset with John Reese – Get the right mindset to start earning money.

FunnelHacker TV – Documentaries etc, more chill rather than educational.

10X Documentary – Watch Russell fail on stage.

FunnelBuilderSecrets – Sold for over $3000 in the past 3 years. Everything about funnel building.

Product Secrets – Learn how to create a product in a weekend

Outsource Force with John Reese – Learn how to outsource your business so you can have more time to do what you want.

Funnel University – For the past 3 years CF staff has funnel hacked 2 people each week. All 3 years worth of content is available.

The Warriors Way With Garrett J White – Most training inside of Garrett’s platinum offer.

One Funnel Away Challenge – All past videos from one of the most loved online courses ever.

Funnel Hackathon – An event that cost $10k to be at. This is all the training and videos from that event.

Traffic Secrets from John Reese – Everything you need to know about running traffic.

Coming soon – Course Secrets.

More course to be updated as time goes by – Just like Netflix does with movies/shows.

A lot of content to be found inside of FunnelFlix as you can see…

Most people spend thousands on different courses and jump from course to course.

Inside of FunnelFlix, you will have access to ALL of these.

A short summary of the future of Clickfunnels

Doubling down on being the category king of funnels and Follow Up Funnels

Clickfunnels Platinum


So just to remind you, this is the first out of three announcements they will be making.

And for all of you on the $297/mo plan, you will have instant access to all of these new features already. It should be updated inside of your CF account now.

For those of you on the $97/mo plan, you can upgrade at for only $297/mo instead of the full price which is $697/mo.

That’s everything from Clickfunnels 5 year announcement! 

Anything worth doing later is worth doing now

ClickFunnels Platinum will help you fulfil all your dreams

My ClickFunnels Platinum Bonuses

Did my ClickFunnels review get you interested in taking that free 14-day ClickFunnels trial?

Why not get some extra help to start your ClickFunnels journey with these exclusive ClickFunnels Platinum bonuses.

Here is what you will get:

  • Bonus #1: Secrets Guide – How to be the winner for your life I share my top secrets that I learned by meeting top Millionaires and Billionaires.
  • Bonus #2: Unlimited Email/FB Chat Support from Me – Got a question? No problem. I help all my affiliates by providing one on one mentoring with ClickFunnels and affiliate marketing in general.
  • Bonus #3: CF Follow Up messages access – This is the best system for automatically following up with your ClickFunnels affiliates. I use it myself to boost my stick rate and retain my affiliates longer.
  • Bonus #4:Email Swipes – You’ll go through my ClickFunnels email training course that will get you up and running with ClickFunnels as quickly as possible. You’ll also get the same email swipes that have been working great for me at converting my trials into happy, paying ClickFunnels customers.
  • Bonus #5: I will help you with entire copywriting of you funnel 90% I will personally create and give you
  • Bonus #6: Create your storyline – Story selles I have personally gone through some of the best ways how the story is structured and will help you craft your best story
  • Bonus #7: White Label Lead Starter Pack – You’ll be getting white label rights to 3 of my top-performing lead magnets. Use them to grow your own email list, or as bonuses like I am.

By grabbing my bonuses, you will save yourself so much time and provide a ton of extra value with a minimal amount of effort on your part.  I guarantee they will help you achieve better success with promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

Take a look at my ClickFunnels bonus page for more details on the above bonuses and how to get them.

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