ClickFunnels Review: Is it Worth it or NOT (Reality)

Should I tell you the fastest way to become a millionaire in 2020?

Should I tell you even if your product is not up to the mark, yet a good funnel will help you get more revenue?

One answer to both these questions is ClickFunnels

what is ClickFunnel?

It is an all in one marketing software by Russell Brunson. He is new york times bestseller author of a book called “Traffic Secrets

Now, let me tell you about Clickfunnels. It is all you need to market and sell your products and services. It simplifies online marketing, it gives you pre-built funnels

It is just like all food is served on your platter, you just need to consume, everything is ready-made

What are the things that ClickFunnels will give you?

  1. Website Hosting
  2. Landing Page Design
  3. A/B Testing
  4. Email Autoresponder
  5. Affiliate Management
  6. Integrated Payment Systems, PayPal and Stripe
  7. Training Materials
  8. Ongoing Support
  9. Multi-Million Dollar Templates

There are many people who have become successful only because of investing a small amount of money on this software

People of age 16 years and 18 years also have used it and become millionaires

It means it is so easy to use

It has 1 lakh active subscriptions every month which means so many people every month are taking advantage and increasing their revenue

Someone asked me how do I make my first million using info product?

People around me started yelling Teachable, Kajabi, Everlesson etc…

I screamed back “rubbish and nonsense”! I also said, “Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” – only use ClickFunnels suite and nothing else.

There’s a forever cat and mouse chase. Chinese are rushing to be the first with “quantum cryptography”. 

The first military that possesses it will conquer the world – hacking every system in seconds !! It makes “SKYNET” look like Mickey Mouse club in contrast!

One of the reasons World War 2 was won by the allies against a fierce modern determined Nazi machine was because of “code-breaking”: enabling the allies to listen in on the enemy and overcome their HUGE MIGHT. 

That’s how powerful this area is to folks. China has made leaps in development in this area.

The human brain is wired for capitalism. So those that don’t pay most likely will NOT even go through your course! 

They’ll just feel good momentarily having it in their depository. That’s why they are immoral sick psycho people – they are poor people in lifelong poverty – stuck to the dark side of communism, and they will never get better.

There are a million and one ways to take everything you have – the simplest today is turn your ‘million dollar product’ into 10 cents per person in a ‘group share’ purchase. There is nothing you can do. Nothing.

But you may have a question like

But then how Hollywood continues to make accelerating profits? How do musicians?

Let me answer that as well

They continuously produce and adapt


Your product is a melting ice cube like a Hollywood movie. Your greatest profits are opening weekend.

Your job is to use all the tricks of marketing to get a rush of purchases as fast as possible “knowing its a melting ice cube”.

Some of the greatest guru release the “same” product again and again either under “sequential release” like *Jeff Walker*, making millions every year on the “Same freaking title” !!!

Or – most others release “so-called new products under new names” which are nothing but “old products with twists, updates, re-filmed, under new names”. 

This is the same for authors of books with big publishing houses. Think Harry Potter! Think Lord of the Rings! Think Star Wars!  Think James Bond! Think Mission Impossible!


Napster killed the music business model aeons ago of making money through singles and albums.

Steve Jobs helped the entire billion-dollar industry re-adapt to a funnel model starting at 99cent per download.

The big money for musicians was in concerts and ticket prices spiked upwards and yet stadiums fill up with rock stars! Then there’s upsells, VIP sections, merchandize, sponsors and more!

But not everyone is in Hollywood

What do ordinary people do?



c. Create product launch fever through great marketing. PRESELL darn it. Charge VERY VERY high. Break into payment plans (knowing many won’t pay after first payment BY THE WAY yet monetize ’em

d] Sell other people’s courses as an affiliate to satisfied buyers throughout the year.

e] have affiliates sell your courses too

Now, coming to the crucial part


  • book: get as many people “in” at this point. Use the free S&H method, and despite that make some profits here, but aim to gain the world.
  •  audio: Tony Robbins made hundreds of millions on this level alone – selling audio programs and so can you!
  •  video courses: this is the big thing today – charge high. 
  • live webinar conferences (paid): charge higher for MASTERMINDS!
  • one to one, high end like Tony Robbins: 1 million per person CHARGE HIGHEST! 
  • stage [THE REAL GOLDMINE IS LIVE EVENTS]: get as many people to the event and have a “subtle” pitch fest [or overt pitch-fest with many speakers – and as an organizer you make 50% of everyone’s income!

and there’s more…!

Passive income with folks that you can re-sell new courses (high end) for great income. These are your best customers!

Since you are showing interest in this let me give you a

Power tip: Marketing future courses on all channels to whet their minds !! Then hit them up personally with “preferential VIP discounts” so they feel great and most likely to buy again! 

Remember former buyers are the best buyers! Use ClickFunnels backpack part of CF suite you must have to have former buyers become brand ambassadors! Affiliates for you! 

Today Tai Lopez upped the game: he charges affiliates $1,000 each. Great idea to get committed affiliates! 

You can even sell without having the course done. This is power! How so?

Imagine you make $250,000 selling without a freaking course in existence !!!!! Imagine !!!

You can pay a team $15,000 to make an outstanding course fully completed within a week after that !!!!!!

As I mentioned in One Funnel Away Challenge about 2 comma club

Click here to read what is it

—–article interlinking—–

After reading all 2 comma club the top 1% I realized

The secret is coming up… and it’s you.

image of clickfunnels

1. Get ClickFunnels suite

-> Get Russell training so you know what to do too!!!! 

-> Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT TRY TO “SAVE” money when it comes to business and Russell. DO THE OPPOSITE SO YOUR BANK BALANCE FLIPS AROUND!

Save money on “hobby” things. BUT SPEND SPEND SPEND money on the business. 

2. Funnelhack darns it. Do it fully, properly, professionally. DO NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT WING IT !!!

–> DO NOT NOT NOT NOT  SELL anything UNLESS there are VERY TOUGH COMPETITORS ALSO selling and making MILLIONS. Else just do not go into business (unless you have money to burn like ELON MUSK –  which is also fine as long as you budget the burn away!)

–> BRING IN THE LEADS USING FB ADS, Instagram (like 2 comma Joshua Pena), TikTok like Rachel (2 comma club, InnerCircle), Youtube (like Russell) and LinkedIn (like that British CF user that lives in the Philippines !) 

3. Use ClickFunnels auto webinar – bring them in whilst you sleep!

4. For high ticket [that’s you] get them to book an appointment with you so you or your sales team [yes HIRE DARN IT, HIRE, HIRE, HIRE – provide employment to others and make 10X more] – you or your sales team can take questions and nudge the close!


6. BONUS! CHATBOTS ARE THE “THING” TODAY. THEY ARE AMAZING! CF M.D. level has that. And/or there is many chats [I like HelloTars as well as the M.D. ] and others out there [Intercom dot io ].

Even better is when your bot chats on omnichannel taking the game to their SMS even !!!!! Can you imagine the power? [ The TPNI app has this, but so do others].

Below is AN AMAZING WAY TO WIN “MONEY” FROM YOUR WORST COMPETITORS (have them make you a million!!!!) How? Tell me HOW!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

Everyone MUST have your “main USP: unique selling proposition” – AND/BUT/BUT BUT BUT –  ALWAYS keep on trying the “opposite” method “too” with ads, because you CAN and WILL win clients by using the OPPOSITE TO YOUR USP.

IT’S not ABOUT limited LOGIC; it is about FEELINGS to win the most ( technically it’s the best reason and logic )!

BY THE WAY – WITH CLICKFUNNELS, you CAN and many do and have BUILT WEBSITES using ClickFunnels. It works.

With ClickFunnels, you can also use a WP plugin to connect it to WP websites too. Many have.

WEBSITES ARE VERY IMPORTANT: and Russell has blogs-and-websites using WP using Elementor. CF is NOT “Anti websites” – instead of its synergy and the importance of landing pages (over websites) for direct sales.

A car has more than one wheel. All are important.



Ask yourself how are you or how can you DIFFERENTIATE yourself from a multi-million dollar selling hot competitor? 

Then do ads and create info to milk it.

And/but use the principle in the above post to milk it the “other side” too 

Good luck!

Science: if you have a great product that they REALLY need and there IS a market, you don’t have time to deal with low-ballers and dabblers. 

  • If you do not have a great product …
  •  for a perfect niche – 
  • CHANGE now. 

99% of people do NOT change -they die and live broke, getting some sales. 

POWERFUL SECRET: Why do that above – when you can do the SAME thing for a PRODUCT THAT PEOPLE WANT – to a niche that people are hungry for? 

You’re always going to have anomaly customers. Its the nature of the business. As you grow rapidly towards the million using your ClickFunnels suite – then you get others to go through sales (on salary). That way you do not spend your time risking your time on anomalies. If you love sales – let your staff vet people and you can work with premium Whales that must fill in application forms.


-> fastest way is: FB ads (you PUT IN MONEY TO MAKE MONEY) that lead to your webinar which educates, lifts spirits and wants and gets them to book you on a call. There is so many (free and fee-based) appointment software! 

This method makes Ruffino $1million a month ever month! Even 2 comma clubber mentioned this (but did not mention Ruffino) and maybe that’s how he went from homeless to the 2 comma club (twice now!)


-> cold mail (very good) and get them to warm call you! Your CF suite connects up natively with postcard marketing services

-> buy email lists and cold email [CF is the only platform you can “get away’ with this. Truth is you’ll use your SMTP. Sure the SMTP can ban you but CF will NEVER ban you. But if you’re NOT ALL IN, NOT using CF SUITE – forget it – you have glass ceilings on your head and can NOT use hyper-creative strategies like this because folks like AC WILL BLOCK AND BAN YOU !!!!….

I once read Russell say AC even banned Russell – so take note and go all in…. use Actionetics, drive affiliates to backpack


->  There’s social media advertising to the right niches. LinkedIn for business. Facebook is particularly great as you see above. Instagram does ads!  The President is a multi-billion dollar businessman that won in an unprecedented way using twitter. What about you?

Rich know something the poor don’t EVER understand. The rich will INVEST and lose, to win some deals worth HUGE. The poor will NEVER invest (but oddly will SPEND on the consumption of TV and jolly goods that do not make them money).

You let them know how much your service is. Charge big. You deserve it.

The secret to charging and pricing is:

1. It is NOT ABOUT YOU! Who the hell cares about you! Only you do! It is ABOUT “Them” ! Give them the gift of charge really high. I mean HIGH.

You tell me: you can go buy a Toyota or Honda, or you can pay big and get a FERRARI or even a luxury BMW. Seriously – both will get you from L.A to Bangalore (India), from Paris to Berlin; from Sydney to Melbourne (will it? )

But you have a different “feeling” after paying big time for the BMW. So why not give them the gift of the greatest feeling too?

2. ROI. The reality is – whatever you charge – $10,000 to $20,000 for digital marketing per month. Whatever you charge, if they get ROI (return on investment) then your fees are “irrelevant and negligible” to them! Boom! Get it?

I repeat it is NOT about you! To make people think it is about you! This is business! It is not personal! It is about keeping the spotlight on them! They – your customer – is royalty! And like Royalty – give them the Royal treatment. A Royal likes to pay big. They do not pay little – so why charge little?

Do you see how I’ve told you the truth but “embedded” it with mindset metaphors too literally re-carve, reshape, re-mould your brain? Moreover, you see the different mindset of the rich and the {fill in the blank}.

If you can mathematically justify the LTV (lifetime value) of the customer and “they buy your beliefs” then BOOM! They’ve got ROI.


Listen carefully. No objection? No sales. End of story.

Objections are your friend.

When a person objects, dance with them. It is normal to object! It is normal to object to pricing too! Everyone – even the richer- want a bargain!

So what to do?

Example “I know some people feel it is expensive to have marketing – but try not having any marketing! Do you know? [get a yes ! ]

Pricing Objection: you say “compared to what? ” Let them answer it. Many only objects for the hell of it and will forget their objection within seconds! Really.

-> If life is this simple then why- oh why – doesn’t everyone do it?

1. Pride, ego, fear or feeling of rejection is like a punch to many (not to those that are in the elite military – they are great in sales)

2. School – you are trained ALL YOUR LIFE to “get things right and avoid being WRONG”.

But biology like sales is about “deliberately being WRONG most of the time in order to secure the ONE right!” – this is the same in the pickup and dating in a bar or life!

So school/university teaches and implants a VERY DIFFERENT model. That is why Robert Kiyosaki, a Trump co-author and $80m a year earner (Rich Dad Poor Dad) said: ” A-school-grade people end up working for C-school-grade people in life!” 

(C-school grade being the founders of companies. Although folks like Zuckerberg, Dell, Gates, Jobs were “F” as they flunked out!)

So how to put the above into action practically?

1. Listening to and using Robbins or hypnosis and training oneself to LOVE the rejections. This is how boxers or Rugby players train to “love being hit – but try not to get hit too”.

2. Practice until this “different mental model” to a lifetime of schooling becomes second nature.

If you want to ‘get sales experience’ then walk into local businesses – target those with money (I present the models above)

3. Keep meeting many leads: push those who can not afford $17,500 to a team where you’ll meet their pricing! Boom you catch the low hanging fruits.

And those that immediately agree (without blinking) to $17,500: well – there you go! BOOM! BINGO!  DONE! 


QUANTUM LEAP GROWTH- the FUNNELHACKER WAY!! How can you do it too?

You can become a millionaire. You can then become a multi-millionaire. You DON’T have to, but if you can add that much value to others then why not? Money is nothing but ‘evidence’ of value. Everyone and anyone can ‘talk talk talk a good talk’. But like Tom Cruise screams “show me the money!”

Money is the crystalized objective evidence of the value that others ‘feel’ and therefore they give up their money to gain what you have. Its the most beautiful thing –  love: trading of values! 

If you are going to live this one life – in pure joy – then why not add such massive freaking value to others? Isn’t that the very best way to live? Think Russell or think Steve Jobs: the common denominator is working day and night – even when they did not have to – to “Create” and add value. 

Russell was up well into the A.M (3 am) even though he is on stage The best of the best, eat, dream and live “value” creation and so can you! Its the very best way to have the most exciting, enjoyable, happy life!

So how to do take action on this?

1. The secret to the richest is to “anticipate”

What are trends out there? 

* Facebook shows news trends daily

* Entrepreneur magazine, Inc., Wired, TechCrunch etc have trends. Even Forbes and Fortune, HBR, and the WallStreet Journal.

* JVZOO and Clickbank shows what is selling mostly

Ideas: cryptocurrencies (pro-trend and anti-trend too as FB and Google get very strict); legal weed in U.S states (but not legal by the Feds so bear that in mind), “online marketing”  etc.

2. Make a list of a handful of competitor businesses in your trend watch.

In fact, make a notebook (Evernote? Mindmap? Personal journal notes) of trends to watch and actively watch them. There are 3 trend lines:

immediate (Fads)


longer-term (Trends) – defined as a minimum of 10 years. 

You can out-do almost all others in a SIGNIFICANT AND MASSIVE WAY by being aware of this and keeping an eagle eye on certain items. Due to your app/computer – you can automate this process in electronic notebooks 🙂 such as I mentioned Evernote above, but there are many more.

3. Research: Go through their funnels. How are they attracting customers? 

Some people hate this step – others love it. You need to breathe and use Google to read and research. You need to get into the habit of bookmarking pages (hint: Evernote or other electronic notebook is very useful here) and also add your own notes.

Later go back to certain pages in your notes and go into deeper dive mode.

4. It’s all about you!

Ask yourself what can you do? Can you have fun (motivation is needed) and can you easily funnel hack the target? Can you do what they are doing and list build and make offers?

-> So pick those few that *you* can rapidly and easily funnelhack. That is the trick. This will filter your list!

5. Take action! 

Use your CF suite to funnelhack. Start putting yourself out there in channels that your competitor is doing [hint: if it involves FB ads, ad words, Instagram and Youtube; webinars and such – then its the IDEAL target for the nature of the CF suite product and mindset!

6. Constant split testing and optimizing.

The earlier steps gave you a huge quantum leap. The secret to the above – that I have not yet stated is: be HIGHLY UN-CREATIVE! This is what most folks get wrong. They try to be creative and end up broke! That’s why “artists” are broke! In the above steps of funnelhacking: heed my words: do NOT be creative!

But now with split testing and optimizing you CAN start to add creativity to out-do yourself and grow! The truth -whether your artworks or not is in the results

7. Scale fast!

Whatever it working, be prepared to pour time, effort, resources (profits) back there to create further and more growth! 

Sounds easy? Wait till you see money in your pocket the likes of what you have not seen before AND now you are to REINVEST IT, RISK IT AGAIN – it’s NOT easy psychologically!

This takes us to the bonus!

Do NOT get married to your business! Your business is NOT your identity, your personality in life! This is the BIGGEST danger! It’s just a vehicle to add massive value and make money.

What that also means is IF it is NOT adding value (i.e. the evidence of value is profits – else it is NOT valued that you are adding regardless of your imagination)! If it is not making sufficient and growing, consistent profits – NOT TO WORRY! Divorce is not needed as you are not married to the business!

Instead, you flexibly CHANGE vehicles in a mindset of ABUNDANCE! There are NO shortage of businesses to funnelhack and use your CF suite to make as much income as humanly possible!

You can do it! Yes, you can!

With much love, to your success!

> do you already like, love, buy? Is there a market there where we have much HUNGRY fish who already pay money (or big money) and is it somewhere you can compete and support people.

For example – maybe you love sexy shoes!  Raymond Choo perhaps?

So the question will be – could you market and sell this? Or it’s impossible to compete with others already selling this?

Many people are not aware your CF can be made to LOOK LIKE SHOPIFY using the right scripts! You do NOT even need Shopify any more (thanks to Matt Hopkins’ coding ).

Steve Jobs left his job at Atari and Steve Wozniak left his job at Hewlett-Packard because they were not being heard to create their own (rival) company: Apple.

Sam Walton. It took another person to do the same with computers using mail order (something unthinkable at the time ) making Michael Dell the sixth richest man on earth.

You may think $10m is out of your reach. But just hit $1M then you can scale. It gets faster and faster. D. Henry made $1m in 5 months but only 90 days to hit the second. Russell did it in 90 minutes several times.

Here are the critical 5 factors to the top!

1) What is your purpose? 

Why is this even important? Because many people are happy on day 1 with their new shiny tool! But then other shiny tools come along, and one keeps on jumping boats.

When you have a major definite purpose that you commit to then you will be like a powerful horse in a race with blinders on! You will focus on the task at hand instead of getting “distracted and driven to procrastination”!

So the first major reason people hit $10million is they know why they are doing what they are doing – and – interestingly they keep on doing it – through hell and back, through massive failings but with such strong vision, mission, commitment and follow-through, they keep on going (when others think they are nuts) until they succeed – and so will you

2) Funnelhack and construct those funnels!

Ask: What kind of information are people looking for?

What problems are people looking to solve?

What do people need help with?

You will need Actionetics MD level if you are to get there faster than the rest. This is the minimum.

You can turbo boost that even more by joining either/or the $18,000 two comma club or the $50,000 Inner circle – if they even take you because it’s pretty sold out because there are too many wiser people that keep beating you to the punch in this group! This is good news.  But start now contact support. 

Scale and Build a team to do each of these things! 

This is the biggest secret really. Once you have consistent income – you’ve found a pattern that works. So to get into the $10m club – the real secret at this level is to scale. How?

– Billionaires I meet say this over and over again “you can’t do it by yourself”!

Millionaires do think you can and indeed you can! 

So what to do? You can do both! Build it, create profits, and reinvest the profits of “bootstrapping” into paying experts, employees and outsourcers!

– Have your team serve the customers that pay you because

your best will keep on buying all the way to paying you a 

million for one to one (they are the best of the best of your clients).

– Build your tribe and they become viral fans (fanatics)  that bring their friends and recommend you as you climb higher and higher BUT faster and faster. That first million is the hardest then things get oddly – rapidoooo!

You see there’s no shortage of people who WANT TO PAY YOU but you need to look the part, be the part, be authentic and be ready!

You need to be ready and have systems “go”!

But first how to get the first million? See below where the treasure hunt begins with finding 4 different note sets! …

IT WORKS. ALL THAT RUSSELL TEACHES YOU ONLINE, works offline [and indeed Russell himself has records of selling to 9,000 folks within 2 hours, with so many buying he is filled with $3million – and so can you do that 

You’ll get

  1. Funnel templates– tested and proven templates with higher conversion rates. Whether you want to collect some data or sell products using Tripwire or product launch, you have it all as a free trial, later after preview, you can upgrade it
  2. Funnel editor- you can customize your templates here. The editor is very simple to navigate. Its helps you customize keeping the need of audience in mind
  3. Sales analytics– once traffic starts coming you need to monitor hence this is essential

What else do you need to become successful?

Nothing but ClickFunnels

Do it! Do it now!

With much love!

Let me give you a few offers since you have come till the end, which shows you are an action taker

Some times, its good to try, check and then decide




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  1. Absolutely loved the article Brother, and I agree to the fact that Clickfunnels is the best and easiest way to create Marketing funnels in present generation who doesn’t know the technical know-how of a funnel.

    But I would also like to add that if someone knows wordpress and email marketing better then he can create a less costs as compared to Clickfunnels, and we can build better funnels in WordPress than Clickfunnels if we’re good at designing better conversion focused landing pages with WordPress page builders. And a mix of Good email marketing knowledge.


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