Top learnings of Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a UK based SEO Consultant and Trainer with over 18 years of experience, over the years Craig has gone from working as a freelancer in his bedroom, going on to building up a Digital Marketing agency and in recent years has built up an affiliate marketing empire alongside training and consultancy. Craig is also a regular speaker at conferences around the world. 

top learnings of Craig Campbell

Akshay: What are the top learnings of your life, Craig?

 criag campbell


  1. Constant Learning: No one knows everything 
  2. Networking with other people: Everyone has their own story, their own angles, their own experiences and you can learn a lot by just having a conversation with someone.
  3. Invest in yourself: Invest in yourself for your self-development. Every time you invest, you get a small piece of information or new contact or so you have to invest in yourself because these guys will help you a lot in long run.
  4. Try Different Stuff: Try and test for yourself instead of doing what everyone is saying 

Akshay: What do you think, Is a College degree necessary to get Success in life?

Craig: No, I don’t have any formal education. I think the more important thing is the hunger and desire to succeed. One of my 15 years old friend is a Blogger, he doesn’t have any formal degree. I think all you need is to take action, you don’t need a college degree. Because it’s all about subjects and subjects can change anytime. 

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