Power of SELF-BELIEF: First Thing to consider

I see a thirst in you to get more success

But should I tell you one of the great things which you might be lacking

image that represents SELF-BELIEF

Before that, understand

We all think that we are getting success because of external circumstances

But sadly, that is not true

It is mainly dependent on your SELF-BELIEF

Why do you think Taj Mahal, Burj Khalifa and other things got constructed?

Firstly, there was a strong vision to build that and more importantly strong belief to make that vision come true, it is all about mind game

If you want to earn a million-dollar and believe in it, you will be only to earn only that much not even a penny more

Let me give you one more instance to make you realize that value of belief

If you don’t have belief in yourself and your products even if I ask you to sell “gold” at 10 INR for 1 kg, you will not be able to do it

But, even if you have a little belief, people might be behind your life to grab that gold!!

Let me remind you the word IMPOSSIBLE itself says I’M POSSIBLE

Things which were never imagined by anyone like smartphones, robots centuries back are now a reality only because one person has the belief that something of that sort could happen

External circumstances do not dictate the ultimate destination of your life.

It’s the internal game which you play with your belief and confidence. 

This controls the direction of your life.

And you should believe in yourself that is the main thing to achieve any goals. 

Belief connects to people. When someone doesn’t have a clear vision of their achievement. 

Eventually, belief helps you to cross over the hardest part of your life.

BELIEF is an internal identity which says





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And once you believe that you deserve something then you can open the door of success 

The fastest way to change a belief or to change your identity is to work hard for what you deserve.

Do more work

See more people

Learn new things

Be always motivated

Just pour yourself into the work


The hard work can reverse your identity once you are addicted to your success no one can ever stop you.

When you are continuously facing failure it doesn’t mean you are worthless for success. it only means that the work you are preparing for is worthless.

It is a fact that a single word belief just can’t change people’s mindsets.

For instance, if a joker wants to crack a joke, he prepares himself with 10 jokes where only two of them makes people attractive.

The other day he does the same and notices that his performance was better than yesterday. Gradually, there was a day where almost all of his jokes were cracked

And that BOOM ……!!!!

That’s called BELIEF

He had belief in himself that he can do better than the previous day.

Only the belief he had on himself made him everything possible.

Do things which others are not doing … work while they sleep …study when they do a party ….. Once you get the success you can do all the enjoyment together with self-satisfaction.

Ask yourself this question honestly,

If you have done everything physically and mentally possible?

Have you done everything you are capable of doing?

Have you been ferocious and invested yourself so much that there is no loophole for failure?


Deep inside you know

You deserve to win

That’s called self-belief

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And belief only comes through hard work

I can give you another one example

Once cold night; a billionaire met a poor old man outside

He asked: don’t you feel cold outside wearing no coat

The old man replied: I don’t have any coat, and I’m used to it

Billionaire replied: wait here I’ll enter my house now and bring a coat for you

The poor man got so happy, but the billionaire got busy and forgot about the poor man

“’When I did not have any warm clothes I had the power of internal belief that I can resist cold’  

But when you promised me to help I got attached to your promise and that took my power of belief.

This is how effectively the power of beliefs works.

The old man believed that he was alive without warm clothes also 

When he lost belief in himself and the time he believed the external source …. You know how it ended.

So dear believe in yourself

Only you can believe in you without any doubt.


Believe in yourself and live the rest of your life happily.

Believe in yourself matters a lot to knock the door of success

But how will you identify if you are full of self-belief or lacking self-belief

Answer these questions

Do you enjoy life?

Do you feel respected?

Are you at ease in social gatherings?

Do you like getting more recognition?


Do you feel a sense of worthlessness?

Do you feel uneasy?

Do you have difficulty in interacting with people?

You don’t enjoy and relax?

If the first set of questions bare an answer “yes” that means you are full of self-belief

If the second set of questions bare a “yes” that means you lack self-belief and you need to work to improve it

You need to understand that our mind works on survival principle and as a reason, always stops you from pushing yourself to do more

It is afraid of change

But you need to train it to see good in everything and win in life

You need to increase your push mechanism 

But how will you do that?

By developing self-belief

But how will to develop it?

Let me guide you upon it

  • Learn to take initiatives– it is a way to defeat 90% of the people because people are scared to take an initiative

Only by taking one, you come to the top 10% of people whose probability of winning in life is more

  • Know what really matters to you– don’t care about things beyond your control and don’t overthink or bother about things that really do not play a role in helping you achieve your goals
  • Develop the art of receiving feedback– most people are not open to feedback but you should be open to both positive and negative feedback, turn your negative feedback into a positive one

“Feedback is the breakfast for champions”

  • Remove negativity– eliminate any source of negativity from your life, might be even your near and dear ones who feed you negativity

If you cannot cut on negativity physically, cut it mentally

  • Make small targets and steady progress– many people don’t break down their targets as a reason, they get demotivated in a coarse of time

Remember, even small progress is still progress, stay your progress regularly, which you give you happiness

  • Invest in yourself– it is the best investment you can ever make when you do that your growth starts happening as a result, your self-belief goes up
  • List down all positives in your life– this is mighty essential

“Count your blessings when others are busy counting their cursings and you will automatically go ahead of everyone”

  • Learn to say “YES”– only when you grab all the opportunities on your way, you will be shocked to see your capacities. As a reason, your self-belief will reach sky-high
  • Believe that you are already there– Never underestimate the power of visualization

“You win twice once in your visualization and second when your visualization turns into reality”

  • Gain as much of knowledge as you can at the same time implement it

“Knowledge is power and implementation of that knowledge is the superpower”

  • Mentorship– don’t ever miss this, because a mentor is someone who you will trust you and believe in you when no one else will
  • Communication skills– you need to be an impeccable communicator, when you are a good communicator, you will have ease in putting forward your ideas in front of others and good communicators are always respected
  • Fake it till you make– this the best one, haven’t you tried to fake at times and that happened to be true, it happens even if you are not confident if you try faking, results will follow

The best instance for this one is: remember in school days when you did not know the answer to the question asked to the whole class, yet you sat with confidence and you escaped only because of faking it

Same applies to self-belief as well

But do you actually know the


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You are not an ordinary creature in this world

Human life is one of the most precious life in the world.

We can think of work talk work and so many other things.

Lift yourself so that you can lift others

How to lift yourself?

The only way is you should believe in yourself then you can achieve anything and everything.

You should believe that you can do something spectacular in your life.

People will ask

Do you believe in god?

Do you believe in a future life?

Do you believe in this doctrine or the dogma?

No matter what you believe or not

Everything matters when you believe in your own self.

If you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect that someone should believe in you?

So believe in yourself then believe in something else.

These are few things which you just can’t learn from a textbook

You have to live through to see.

Your reality is a reflection of your strongest belief

Belief is an invisible power coming from your mind and the heart.

I hope this detailed article will help you in developing a strong self-belief which in turn will help you become successful

Don’t forget

“Sharing is caring”

So share it with your near and dear ones

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