Here comes about the man Tony Robbins, who actually needs no introduction

Yet let me brief a little about him

Anthony Jay Robbins is an American author, life coach, philanthropist know for his seminars and self-help books

In 2015 and 2016, he was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list

But, do you want to know 

The secret of Tony Robbins $1billion?

How Tony Robbins conquered and become super powerful in the Personal Development Industry?

I am sharing the things what I learned from my MENTOR’S  and very deep research 

How to funnelhack properly?

Tony Robbins,  once a broke kid observed:

a] his mentor, an older man with thousands at many seminars – Jim Rohn; then Tony mastered Rohn practically word for word; and

b] observed Richard Bandler teaching NLP course for a year; Tony took ONE lesson, learned ONE tool (anchoring) and immediately went to work (got fired from the class);

c] observed the food habits of the runaway best sellers “Harvey and Marilyn Diamonds” (Fit for Life); Tony started doing it and screaming that everyone does it too;

d] observed the “firewalk” seminar by Tolly Burkhan (still ongoing) and

e] noticed the “accelerated learning and teaching ” methods by de Porter; then

He COMBINED IT ALL INTO – MindPower Revolution seminar that later transformed into UPW: Unleash the Power Within

Tony rules the world now as a billionaire!

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Further Tony kept on noticing events like Wade Cook was taking over America with “Stock market mastery”, so Tony created his university which included “Wealth Mastery”! 

COOK did sue Tony and then Tony settled.

Interesting side note: the broke kid Robert Kiyosaki helped Tony with this, but himself ran onwards to create nothing but his own twist called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and on that alone ended up making $80million dollars per year in his good years.

Turns out the ‘real’ rich Dad is Tony’s coach and one of his business partners!

 Kiyosaki modelled Keith Cunningham – who is faculty of Tony’s now ‘Business university’. BU was created when Chet Holmes chased Tony for 10 years using the Dream 100 technique and enrolled Tony to brand Chet’s material, infusing it with Tony’s insights and materials too. 

Chet himself loved the works of Jay Abraham and others! Do you begin to feel the massive cross-pollination? 

Years later T.Harv Eker observed the above – and using the same “purple” colours of Kiyosaki, the same type of method and material as Wealth Mastery – created his incredible university. 

Interestingly his original teachers were the same as those whom Tony learned from. Harv Eker had his own twists and distinctions and in fact, brilliantly overtook Tony by amazingly risking doing 3-day events “for free” instead of a fee; but thereafter “Funneling folks upwards” to a $25,000 university back-end package (almost twice the cost of Tony’s backend at the time)! BOOM!

T.Harv would do many 2 and a half hour evening events around the country and the world to get people to enrol in the 3 days “free” events! 

The multiple funnel method is incredible and he conquered many nations worldwide, targeting both TONY LOVERS but also interestingly those that did NOT like Tony too!  

Harv offered an “alternative”!

You can imagine how many people absolutely H-A-T-E Tony!

You can imagine how many people HATE TAI.

 How many detest Kiyosaki or his co-author, now the leader of the free world! Oh yes, they co-authored a book!

You can imagine how many people hate the leader of the free world or the Kardashians!

They will hate you too. But your job is to make the most money the fastest and overtake ALL.

Did you know that the first thing Tony did was team up with a lawyer (the same guy to this day)?

 Do you know that Kiyosaki urges you to do that too? 

Did you know the first thing Trump had from day 1 to this day is “always a private attorney” (and a bodyguard too) next to him?

Do you see the “secret”? You must freaking funnelhack and hack the living daylights but protect yourself!

And never ever engage in stealing, fraud, scam nor any other crime!

You must understand ethics properly and most people fail to do that! Most people fail to understand the difference between “hacking and stealing”!

 Tony: very spiritually orientated with deep faith and belief in higher powers guiding them.

Tony:  married young and family guys starting very young (in contrast to many folks today)

Tony’s are very subtle about their wealth: they do not focus on their huge homes and amazing cars but may have interviews with the goods in the background.

Tai is more “in your face” – that this is his car and this is his house.

Both methods work very very well. Tai’s method appears to create a bigger army of haters but that does not matter because you will have 10X more army of paying lovers too!

What about you? What fits your personality? If you have it flaunt it.

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If you do not have it – guess what? Get it! Tony was a kid that got a $1million dollar castle at a time when people did not have these things at that age!

Tony: absolutely crazy mad about “modelling”.

Tony got this concept from NLP: modelling human psychology. Russell invented “Funnelhacking”: modelling very successful folks’ specific method to win clients and convert them to the end.

Tony himself used to make 100 phone calls a day.

 I have talked to the best of the best on telesales and they even tell me 100 sounds so hard.

Tony challenged himself to walk to the ends of the earth on this and people felt it on the other side of the call.

Tony fell in love with his mentor and set out to do whatever it takes to work for that mentor.

 Jim Rohn taught Tony sales: but provided that Tony mastered all of Rohn ‘s material. 

Tony studied very hard and loved it so selling came naturally to him.

Tony rose up to become Jim’s number one sales star!

Few quotes by Tony Robbins

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“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you have always gotten”

“It is in  moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible to visible”

“The past does not equal the future”

“In life, you either need inspiration or desperation”

These are so inspiring and motivating, right?

Let me know how was it.

There were the things I learned from my MENTOR’S wanted to share it with you.

Just to collect this much information it took so long 

Thank for patience and time for reading it 

If you want to know more secrets of mega-successful guys let me know I will help you out

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