Value Your TIME: Importance of time

The only thing common to all animals, beggar or a billionaire, a kid or an old man is “TIME”

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I know you have heard time is precious, it will never come again

You have exactly the same time as everyone else 24 hours a day and so on…

But have you ever thought or know what exactly is time and how does it work?

If not, you are in the right place, read it completely so you will not only start valuing time but also gain knowledge which most people don’t

Many underestimate time

Time lost once even a billionaire can not get it back 

Warren Buffett tells he can literally buy anything in the world but he can’t buy time

So, let us understand the true nature of time

We live in a world governed by time from the tiniest microbes to distant stars, our universe is subjected to the beats of a constant clock

We know it never turns down

But, how can we be so sure?

How much we know about time is really true? Let us understand

A minute will always be a limit for everyone and everywhere?

Let me tell you, time can vary it all about speed as proposed by Albert Einstein

Time is not regular at all, it could be at different rates, time changes depending on the relative speed

For instance, imagine a tram travelling at a phenomenal speed, just a fraction less than a speed of light

According to special relativity, the rate at which time flowed on this speeding tram will depend on whether you were on board or looking in from outside

Looking in from the outside I sense that the time onboard inside the tram was passing much much slower

That’s because according to Einstein the faster the object moves the slower is time to run to someone observing from the sidelines

In other words, time can vary it is all the matter of speed

For hundreds of years, the time has been seen as fixed and immutable

But the application of relativity is so small that its impact is not seen in daily life

But this has changed a lot of things around like it challenges our assumption that time is immutable

For years it was believed that atom was the smallest particle until it was discovered that electron is inside atom and time behaves very differently there

When we enter into the sub-atomic world, our ideas have to be changed

We cannot assume the same common sense governing everyday experience

In fact, this sub-atomic world is so strange that time becomes chaotic

A startling discovery that emerged from the discovery of light

Light consists of individual particles called photons, know for their wave-like properties

I know you are thinking why am I talking about light whereas the article is about time

There is a connection 

In an experiment, it shows that one photon passes through 2 slits simultaneously!!

In other words, one photon does not only exist at 2 places but also 2 times!!!

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Time can be chaotic, still but along with all these vague things, one thing is sure that time cannot turn back

However, time can be hard to define but there has been one truth beyond doubt that time has only one direction and that is forward

After years of considering time travel as science fiction, it seems time travel can be a science fact

The blueprint for time machine already exists but the only obstacle on the way is the engineering

A machine whose deep secret lies within our microscopic universe

Next question to arise is

Does time have a beginning?

If it is true, then it means the world has an end!

Again arises this question

Does the world have a beginning or not? – different religions of the world have different views on it

Is time eternal or it isn’t?

But after a lot of research, Hubble proved that if the universe was much bigger then it had to be much far older

But how much older was still a mystery

Then Hubble proved the universe was expanding but from which thing?

This lead to the Big Bang theory

Once there was nothing, not even time but 13.7 billion years ago it seems that there is nothing became everything

When a tiny dot of infinite density spontaneously expanded, giving birth to the universe and everything within it including time

So if time had a beginning does it imply that time will have an end?

After a few experiments, it showed up that the universe was not slowing down but speeding up!!

There is going to come a time when the universe will end burning its last star

But don’t worry, it is going to take hundreds of millions a years

And then only black holes will remain

But even black holes don’t last forever

After that, only photons will exist

Until a coming time when everything gets distorted into indestructible low energy light particles

This whole chaos is the destiny of time

Yet this might not be the final answer, we may have time lasting forever

To some extent time is eternal but it came into existence at a particular moment

So, what the universe really is?


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It is how our universe works but what exactly it is?


How does it control our past, present and future?

We can’t see it, can’t touch it

But without it, we wouldn’t be here

Space and time came into existence only after the Big Bang

You have heard that nothing can beat the speed of light, but the universe expanded with even a larger speed than that of light

Energy turned into matter and in denser regions, that matter clubbed together

These regions had more mass than others

Gravity is much different from other forces. It is bending of time and space itself

How does the universe work?

Space-time is like an architect, it shaped everything

Planets to galaxies, atoms to cities

Space-time is what the universe actually is

It is a hard concept to grasp and even harder to visualise

It is the geometry of space-time that determines how matter and particles move through it

Fluctuations in the expansion of space-time laid out the pattern of the universe

When two black holes collide, the energy released sends shock waves across the universe

By the time they reach Earth, they are so small and measurable

In 2015, gravitational waves were discovered

We can hear the change in frequency as two black holes collide and collapse

Exploring time is a big challenge!

Time is not something that just passes, it is a fundamental thing of the universe

Since Big Bang, space has been expanding and time has been moving forward

What has the most gravity?- A black hole

Then comes the twin paradox

If you have an identical twin, one of you stay here, another move to space near the black hole

You will notice after a few years, you would look old and your twin won’t 

You can see the difference in time moving

We now know time travel in past can be ruled out but time travel in future can totally be acceptable

If you climb the stairs and move above the Earth’s surface you can see your clock runs a little bit faster and the opposite when you move down

There are sensitive clocks to detect this difference of time

Time depends on gravity

It is mind-boggling but a reality!

If you did not know the fact that clocks in satellites move at a different rate, the GPS systems on the Earth won’t work

The law of cause and effect

It is just like Newton’s 3rd law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Just like that, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action, as a result of thoughts or actions derived from

If you do good you will one day achieve it

It is nothing but KARMA

Every day if you learn and do something good, you will become a good person as simple as that

Small consistent actions each day leads to an overnight success

Some people call Billionaires as lucky, but that is not that fact, only they know the hard work, grind and hustle behind it

But as per my very deep research, it is only 1% luck

When you work for a very long term anyone can do anything

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg they all slept in the office

Never took a leave

Steve Jobs worked 2 days

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That made them where they are now, its not luck!!

Now, even Warren Buffett’s net worth you can see

He became a Billionaire when he worked hard but his exponential growth happened when he was old

So, you just need to trust the process, take the guidance of mentors, move and right direction without doubting or losing hope and things will follow

Want to know what is the

8th wonder of the world according to Einstein

“Compound Interest”

“He who understands it earns it… He who doesnt..pays it”

It is a great equalizer

It utilizes momentum

It can create millionaires from average people

It teaches you patience

Lets you sleep well at night

It is your friend if you are poor

It teaches and rewards discipline

It separates the rich from the broke

But don’t forget compound interest is purely dependent on time

Finally, let me reveal something about 

The snowball effect

It is a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger

The common analogy is wit the rolling of a snowball down a snow-covered hillside. As it rolls the ball will pick up more snow, gaining more mass and surface area, and picking up even more snow and momentum as it rolls along

Same applies to our journey in life nothing will happen overnight, it is a long journey

And since you have read this article till the end it proves that you are willing to win and you deserve to

Always trust the process, borrow on trust if you want and move ahead

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