What are Events And Why do we need events

Appreciate yourself if you are curious to know “How attending events can change your life”

By showing your interest to read this, you have proved you badly want to get a change in your life

You have questions like which events? Paid events? Or free events?

Don’t worry, i will try to sort them out soon

You want to attend events but not sure which, this article will show you the direction

Read it completely

What are the events?

It is a public assembly, which helps you gain knowledge, network with like-minded people and help you increase your worth

But as you know they are various events, which to go to?

For that, first identify your field of interest, maybe music, finance, marketing or any other

Attend events close your interest, so that you can get more clarity

Else if have no connection with the marketing and i choose to attend an event on it, it proves of no use to me

Your field of interest can be something which you are passionate about or something you have good knowledge about, or something that comes naturally to you, something which you are doing or something you want to do

Ask yourself these questions

  • Am I ready to learn a lot of things
  • Am I ready to unlearn a few old things
  • Am I ready to implement the learning
  • Am I going to be enthusiastic about it for a long run

If most of these answers bare a “yes”, it is your field of interest

Go ahead!!

Now the question in your mind

Why should I attend events?

“Some learning happens outside the four walls of a classroom”

Let me first tell you some major benefits

  1. The massive increase in your knowledge
  2. Increases your networking opportunities
  3. Increases your business connections
  4. Develops a positive mindset
  5. Helps you create and promote your personal brand
  6. You will write yourself an extra fat paycheck
  7. A well-deserved break obviously loaded with learning
  8. Shows you your untapped potential
  9. Long term results
  10. Self-education gives you a fortune

“Life is meant to party with like-minded individuals”

Firstly, you will receive wisdom, knowledge, and insights from a person who is well-versed in that field.

It will give some information which only a minute percentage of people in the world, it boosts the probability of you getting into the top 5 or 10% group

Sometimes what you learn in several years would be taught to you in a day or two!!

Sounds interesting, let’s go-ahead

If you want to learn all by yourself, by committing all possible mistakes, the journey will be very long

“You never live long enough to commit all the mistakes yourself, you need to learn from the mistakes of others”

You get access only to precise and relevant information

One reason why people fail is they have so much knowledge and get confused about where to start implementing it

The person there will be a subject matter expert and learning from them is a boon

You get to network with like-minded people and you know “Your network is your net worth”

Since you socialize with so many people, you can expand your business opportunities also helps you promote your personal brand and social connections

And once you connect with like-minded people, for sure your mindset is a winning and a positive one

“Once the mindset changes for good, everything changes for good”

Once you get all these things, expect a hike in your income!!

I understand you are bored of the same daily routine, it will give you a break from the daily routine with massive learning.

You will find the speaker or like-minded people pushing you else seeing them, you will start to realize your capabilities and it will definitely tap the potential out of you

You will obtain strategies which when implemented will give you long term results

“Never fall for the short term fruits”

It gives you a chance to invest your money, time, focus and energy upon yourself, which will result in your transformation

“Self-education gives you the fortune”

Good news for you, if you are single

You might find your life partner of the same interest in that event, provided you are lucky enough

I’m sure after knowing these amazing benefits now you are curious, how to find events near you?

There are few applications which give you information about the events happening near you

Also, Facebook has an option, which tells you about the events near you

If you feel any event worth attending 

“Don’t worry about the distance you need to travel or the money you need to invest because the value what you get will be much higher comparatively”

Networking with people

image of Akshay Rajkaran with rito
Image with Rito
image of akshay with benet marcos
With Benet M. Marcos
Image of Kulwant Nagi
image of akshay with digital Pratik
With Digital Pratik
image of akshay rajsekaran with avi arya
With Avi Arya
image of akshay rajsekaran with rahul bhatnagar
With Rahul Bhatnagar

If you attend an event pertaining to marketing, for sure most of the people there will be belonging to that field.

So you gotta be ready with your business card or even smart, T-shirt printed with your personal brand, your name or your work

So, identification should be easy for people

  1. You get ideas to grow your business
  2. You might find partners for your venture
  3. You might find clients for your business
  4. You might get ideas to expand your business
  5. You might get an opportunity to present yourself or your product in front of so many people
  6. When people will know you, your opportunities go to the next level

Interact with speakers

You always need to be seeking for opportunities. You might have to wait for a while post-event

But try to interact with the speaker in personal.

Ask him about his experiences, Some suggestions, Some personalized solutions for your problems

Try getting pictures clicked so that you can post it on social media and grab the eyeballs

After all, social media presence in everything today

Gaining insights and learning

Even if you are not someone who likes to socialize. For sure, you will be loaded with learning and insights

The experiences what you gain will be cherished for long

You will definitely get some takeaways that will transform the way you do things. You will get a clear cut idea about how to go about things

You will get to know what NOT to do/ You will update yourself with the current market scenario. You get information and secrets about what is trending

 You can pace up fast because not many people will be knowing what you might get from that event

“Work hard in silence, let your success make all the noise”

You just get everything that is required to transform your life and take you to the next level

It is just like delicious and healthy food served on your platter


Eating it or not is left to you

Even if the event is small, it does not matter even if you are able to increase your value and worth even by 1%

That is actually amazing.

Because most of them will be stuck in the same place for years.

In a day you will increase your knowledge base

Do you know what keeps you away from opportunities?

The knowledge which you don’t have

I know its a bitter truth

Now comes the crucial part

Implementing the learning

“Knowledge is power, but the implementation of that knowledge is a superpower”

“Implementation is the key”

Again, you have a high chance to succeed

You know why?

Let me tell you,

Let us assume that 100 people attended the event with you

Only 20 of them will start implementing it

You got to be in that 20

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

In those 20 only after few days, 5 people will give up

So, congratulations now you will only be competing with 15 people

  • You got to be stubborn
  • You gotta have patience
  • You got to work relentlessly
  • You got to be consistent

Trust me, only 5 people of 15 will do it, and my dear now since you know all the calculations I’m sure you will make way for yourself in those 5 people

“Who are the winners, who will get the results, and who will be successful”

Trust me, since you have read this article, you are thirsty to succeed and my best wishes to you

“I see a winner inside you”

Also, I’m happy to tell you that I will be doing one of the greatest events “The Real Knowledge Club” in the year 2020 

You can become a part of it and get a transformation in your life

At last, let me tell you, there are many great and successful people

“Who have sat in the seats of the audience”

“Listened to the presentations, implemented them”

“Networked with like-minded people” And “Got mind-blowing results”  

If you are in the U.S.A you can attend events like Funnel hacking and event by Grant Cardone

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